2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
October 18, 2017 - Offered by Representative VanderMeer.
AB305-ASA1,1,2 1An Act to create 20.435 (1) (dj) and 146.675 of the statutes; relating to: grants
2for language interpretation in health care settings.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This substitute amendment requires the Department of Health Services to
create a grant program for language interpretation services provided in medical
clinics and hospitals that are located in rural areas or that serve medically
underserved populations.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB305-ASA1,1 3Section 1 . 20.005 (3) (schedule) of the statutes: at the appropriate place, insert
4the following amounts for the purposes indicated: - See PDF for table PDF
AB305-ASA1,2 1Section 2 . 20.435 (1) (dj) of the statutes is created to read:
AB305-ASA1,2,32 20.435 (1) (dj) Grants for interpretation services. The amounts in the schedule
3to provide grants for interpretation services under s. 146.675.
AB305-ASA1,3 4Section 3. 146.675 of the statutes is created to read:
AB305-ASA1,2,5 5146.675 Grants for interpretation services. (1) In this section:
AB305-ASA1,2,76 (a) “Medically underserved population” has the meaning given in 42 CFR
c.102 (e).
AB305-ASA1,2,88 (b) “Rural area” means any of the following:
AB305-ASA1,2,119 1. A city, town, or village in this state that has a population of less than 20,000
10and that is at least 15 miles from any city, town, or village that has a population of
11at least 20,000.
AB305-ASA1,2,1312 2. An area in this state that is not an urbanized area, as defined by the federal
13bureau of the census.
AB305-ASA1,2,17 14(2) The department shall create a program to provide grants to reimburse
15medical clinics and hospitals for language interpretation services provided to
16patients at those clinics and hospitals. To be eligible for a grant under this section,
17a medical clinic or hospital shall satisfy all of the following criteria:
1(a) The medical clinic or hospital is located in a rural area or serves a medically
2underserved population.
AB305-ASA1,3,43 (b) The language interpretation services provided at the medical clinic or
4hospital comply with 42 USC 2000d.
AB305-ASA1,3,8 5(3) The department shall allow a medical clinic or hospital that receives a grant
6under this section discretion in the provision of language interpretation services,
7including allowing services to be provided in-person by a clinic or hospital employee
8or by a contractor or over an Internet connection.
AB305-ASA1,3,11 9(4) From the appropriation under s. 20.435 (1) (dj), beginning in fiscal year
102018-19 the department shall distribute $100,000 in each fiscal year for grants
11under sub. (2).