2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
February 20, 2018 - Offered by Representative Nygren.
AB906-AA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB906-AA2,1,3 21. Page 3, line 14: delete “counties that meet" and substitute “a county or
3federally recognized American Indian tribe or band that meets".
AB906-AA2,1,5 42. Page 3, line 16: delete “county has a county" and substitute “county or tribe
5has a county or tribal".
AB906-AA2,1,6 63. Page 3, line 17: after “county" insert “or tribe".
AB906-AA2,1,7 74. Page 3, line 18: after “The county" insert “or tribe".
AB906-AA2,1,8 85. Page 3, line 18: after “exiting county" insert “or tribal".
AB906-AA2,1,9 96. Page 3, line 19: after “county" insert “or tribe".
AB906-AA2,1,10 107. Page 3, line 21: after “county" insert “or tribal".
AB906-AA2,1,11 118. Page 3, line 24: after “county" insert “or tribal".
AB906-AA2,1,12 129. Page 3, line 25: delete “county".
110. Page 4, line 2: after “counties" insert “or tribes".
AB906-AA2,2,3 211. Page 4, line 12: after “more" insert “or a federally recognized American
3Indian tribe or band".
AB906-AA2,2,5 412. Page 4, line 13: delete “in a county" and substitute “to a county or a tribe
5that offered”.
AB906-AA2,2,6 613. Page 4, line 14: delete “where".
AB906-AA2,2,7 714. Page 4, line 14: delete “were offered".
AB906-AA2,2,8 815. Page 5, line 10: delete “section," and substitute “section:
AB906-AA2,2,10 1016. Page 5, line 15: after that line insert:
AB906-AA2,2,12 11“(b) “Tribal law enforcement agency” has the meaning given in s. 165.83 (1)
AB906-AA2,2,14 1317. Page 5, line 18: after “agencies" insert “and tribal law enforcement
AB906-AA2,2,15 1518. Page 5, line 21: after “agency" insert “or tribal law enforcement agency”.
AB906-AA2,2,16 1619. Page 5, line 23: delete “must" and substitute “shall".
AB906-AA2,2,17 1720. Page 6, line 4: after “agency" insert “or tribal law enforcement agency”.
AB906-AA2,2,18 1821. Page 6, line 8: after “agency" insert “or tribal law enforcement agency”.
AB906-AA2,2,19 1922. Page 6, line 20: after that line insert:
AB906-AA2,2,20 20 Section 11m. 968.12 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB906-AA2,3,721 968.12 (2) Warrant upon affidavit. A search warrant may be based upon
22sworn complaint or affidavit, or testimony recorded by a phonographic reporter or
23under sub. (3) (d), showing probable cause therefor. The complaint, affidavit or

1testimony may be upon information and belief. The person requesting the warrant
2may swear to the complaint or affidavit before a notarial officer authorized under s.
3706.07 to take acknowledgments or before a judge, or a judge may place a person
4under oath via telephone, radio, or other means of electronic communication, without
5the requirement of face-to-face contact, to swear to the complaint or affidavit. The
6judge shall indicate on the search warrant that the person so swore to the complaint
7or affidavit.