2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
June 14, 2017 - Offered by Senators Hansen, Risser, Ringhand, Shilling,
Carpenter and Bewley.
SB113-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB113-SA1,1,2 21. Page 1, line 5: before that line insert:
SB113-SA1,1,3 3 Section 1c. 103.08 of the statutes is created to read:
SB113-SA1,1,4 4103.08 Paid leave of absence on Veterans Day. (1) In this section:
SB113-SA1,1,55 (a) “Employee" means an individual employed in this state by an employer.
SB113-SA1,1,106 (b) “Employer" means a person engaging in any activity, enterprise, or business
7in this state. “Employer" includes the state and any office, department, independent
8agency, authority, institution, association, society, or other body in state government
9created or authorized to be created by the constitution or any law, including the
10legislature and the courts.
SB113-SA1,1,1111 (c) “Veteran" has the meaning given in s. 45.01 (12) (a) to (f).
SB113-SA1,2,5 12(2) (a) Subject to par. (b), an employer shall grant to each employee who is a
13veteran a paid leave of absence on November 11 or, if November 11 falls on a Saturday

1or Sunday and the employee is not scheduled to work on November 11, on the
2following Monday. The leave of absence shall be for the entire workday. If an
3employee intends to take a leave of absence under this paragraph, the employee
4shall, in a reasonable and practicable manner, give the employer advance notice of
5the leave of absence.
SB113-SA1,2,96 (b) 1. For employees whose wages, hours, and conditions of employment are
7determined under a collective bargaining agreement, par. (a) applies only if the paid
8leave of absence described in par. (a) is provided under the collective bargaining
SB113-SA1,2,1210 2. An employer may grant an employee who provides a public safety function
11a paid leave of absence on a different work day in the month of November if the
12employer determines that doing so is in the interest of public safety.
SB113-SA1,2,18 13(3) An employer may not discharge or discriminate against an employee in
14promotion, in compensation, or in the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment
15for taking a paid leave of absence as provided in sub. (2), opposing a practice
16prohibited under this section, filing a complaint or attempting to enforce any right
17under this section, or testifying or assisting in any action or proceeding to enforce any
18right under this section.
SB113-SA1,2,25 19(4) An employee who is discharged or discriminated against in violation of sub.
20(3) may file a complaint with the department, and the department shall process the
21complaint in the same manner that employment discrimination complaints are
22processed under s. 111.39. If the department finds that an employer has violated sub.
23(3), it may order the employer to take such action under s. 111.39 as will effectuate
24the purpose of this section. Section 111.322 (2m) applies to a discharge or other
25discriminatory act arising in connection with any proceeding under this subsection.
1Section 1e. 106.54 (11) of the statutes is created to read:
SB113-SA1,3,42 106.54 (11) The division shall receive complaints under s. 103.08 (4) and shall
3process the complaints in the same manner that employment discrimination
4complaints are processed under s. 111.39.
SB113-SA1,1g 5Section 1g. 111.322 (2m) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB113-SA1,3,96 111.322 (2m) (a) The individual files a complaint or attempts to enforce any
7right under s. 103.02, 103.08, 103.10, 103.11, 103.13, 103.28, 103.32, 103.34,
8103.455, 104.12, 109.03, 109.07, 109.075, 146.997, or 995.55, or ss. 101.58 to 101.599
9or 103.64 to 103.82.
SB113-SA1,1i 10Section 1i. 111.322 (2m) (b) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB113-SA1,3,1411 111.322 (2m) (b) The individual testifies or assists in any action or proceeding
12held under or to enforce any right under s. 103.02, 103.08, 103.10, 103.11, 103.13,
13103.28, 103.32, 103.34, 103.455, 104.12, 109.03, 109.07, 109.075, 146.997, or 995.55,
14or ss. 101.58 to 101.599 or 103.64 to 103.82.”.