2017 - 2018 LEGISLATURE
October 12, 2017 - Offered by Senator Craig.
SB337-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB337-SA1,1,2 21. Page 2, line 7: delete “one-third" and substitute “one-half".
SB337-SA1,1,3 32. Page 2, line 8: delete “3rd" and substitute “2nd".
SB337-SA1,1,4 43. Page 2, line 10: delete “50".
SB337-SA1,1,5 54. Page 2, line 11: delete “percent of the" and substitute “all".
SB337-SA1,1,6 65. Page 2, line 12: delete “3rd" and substitute “2nd".
SB337-SA1,1,7 76. Page 2, line 14: delete lines 14 to 17.
SB337-SA1,1,8 87. Page 3, line 1: delete “3rd" and substitute “2nd".
SB337-SA1,1,9 98. Page 3, line 2: after that line insert:
SB337-SA1,1,12 10(2m) The secretary shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that state
11agencies with shared-programmatic activities submit their reports under this
12section in the same fiscal year.”.
19. Page 3, line 8: delete that line and substitute “every quarter in each of the
2prior 3 fiscal years.”.
SB337-SA1,2,3 310. Page 3, line 9: delete lines 9 to 11 and substitute:
SB337-SA1,2,6 4“(c) For each programmatic activity of the state agency, an analysis of whether
5the activity contributes to the mission of the agency and whether the objectives of the
6activity justify its expenditures.
SB337-SA1,2,107 (d) For each programmatic activity of the state agency, a determination of the
8minimum level of funding to achieve its objectives; an accounting of its current
9funding; and a calculation of what, if any, increased level of funding would achieve
10the activity's objectives.
SB337-SA1,2,1411 (e) A description of the state agency mission or guiding principles. If a state
12agency does not have an agency mission or guiding principles, the state agency shall
13adopt an agency mission or guiding principles and describe the mission or principles
14in the report.”.
SB337-SA1,2,15 1511. Page 3, line 11: after that line insert:
SB337-SA1,2,18 16(3m) A report filed under this section shall be in a form that is consistent with
17the form used by a state agency that filed a base budget review report under s. 16.423,
182007 stats.”.
SB337-SA1,2,19 1912. Page 3, line 14: delete “and (c)".