Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and Third Regular Session
  WEDNESDAY, September 20, 2017
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
hist74950Assembly Amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 307 offered by Representative R. Brooks.
hist74958Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 310 offered by Representative Kremer.
hist74959Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 311 offered by Representative Kremer.
hist74962Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 311 offered by Representative Kremer.
hist74936Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 389 offered by Representative Goyke.
hist74957Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 463 offered by Representative Hebl.
Administrative Rules
Relating to practice and procedure.
Submitted by Elections Commission.
hist74446Report received from Agency, September 6, 2017.
hist74951To committee on Campaigns and Elections.
Referred on September 20, 2017.
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist74845Assembly Bill 500
Relating to: ratification of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, and providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures.
By Representatives VanderMeer, Tranel, Ripp, Allen, Anderson, Ballweg, Berceau, Bernier, Billings, Born, E. Brooks, R. Brooks, Crowley, Doyle, Duchow, Edming, Felzkowski, Gannon, Genrich, Hutton, Jacque, Jagler, Katsma, Kerkman, Kitchens, Kleefisch, Kooyenga, Kremer, Krug, Kuglitsch, Kulp, Loudenbeck, Macco, Mason, Meyers, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Nerison, Neylon, Novak, Nygren, Ott, Petersen, Petryk, Pronschinske, Quinn, Riemer, Rodriguez, Rohrkaste, Sargent, Skowronski, Snyder, Spiros, Spreitzer, Stafsholt, Steffen, Steineke, Stuck, Summerfield, Swearingen, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Tusler, Vorpagel, Wachs, Wichgers and Zimmerman; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, Cowles, Olsen, Bewley, Carpenter, Darling, Erpenbach, Feyen, Hansen, Harsdorf, Johnson, LeMahieu, Moulton, Nass, Petrowski, Ringhand, Roth, Shilling, Testin, Tiffany, Vinehout, Wanggaard and Wirch.
hist74940To committee on Health.
hist74846Assembly Bill 501
Relating to: FoodShare healthy eating incentive pilot program and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Rohrkaste, Jarchow, Zimmerman, Stafsholt, Tranel, Petryk, Horlacher, Quinn, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Goyke, Berceau, Genrich and Kolste; cosponsored by Senators Harsdorf, L. Taylor, Darling, Olsen, Tiffany, Johnson, Petrowski, Cowles, Wirch and Vukmir.
hist74941To committee on Public Benefit Reform.
hist74896Assembly Bill 502
Relating to: additional assistant district attorney positions.
By Representatives Jacque, Quinn, Horlacher, Petryk, R. Brooks, Brostoff, Genrich, Kremer, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Thiesfeldt, Tusler and Summerfield; cosponsored by Senators Wanggaard, Harsdorf, Bewley, Hansen, Vinehout, Lasee, Testin and Feyen.
hist74942To committee on Judiciary.
hist74861Assembly Bill 503
Relating to: modifications to a local governmental unit's employee grievance procedure.
By Representatives R. Brooks, Ballweg, Bernier, Born, Brandtjen, Felzkowski, Jarchow, Knodl, Kremer, Krug, Kuglitsch, Novak, Rohrkaste and Steffen; cosponsored by Senators Wanggaard, Stroebel, Marklein and Olsen.
hist74943To committee on Local Government.
hist74862Assembly Bill 504
Relating to: child labor permits.
By Representatives Novak, E. Brooks, Edming, Felzkowski, Jacque, Kulp, Mursau, Petersen, Petryk, Rohrkaste, Tauchen and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, Kapenga, Craig, Darling, Harsdorf, Olsen and Stroebel.
hist74944To committee on Children and Families.
hist74863Assembly Bill 505
Relating to: the source of supply for temporary retail alcohol beverage licensees.
By Representatives Gannon, Fields, Horlacher, Jacque, Tauchen, Berceau, Ballweg, Thiesfeldt, Skowronski, E. Brooks and Duchow; cosponsored by Senators Stroebel and Marklein.
hist74945To committee on State Affairs.
hist74598Assembly Bill 506
Relating to: the responsibilities of the Law Enforcement Standards Board.
By Representatives Ott, Ballweg, Tusler, Jacque, Murphy and Spiros; cosponsored by Senators Testin, Olsen, Darling and Wanggaard.
hist74946To committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
hist74551Assembly Bill 507
Relating to: allowing minors to operate temporary stands without a permit or license.
By Representatives Kleefisch, Brostoff, Allen, Ballweg, E. Brooks, Felzkowski, Gannon, Horlacher, Kooyenga, Kremer, Macco, Mursau, Tusler, Quinn, Anderson, Berceau, Fields, Mason, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor and Edming; cosponsored by Senators Johnson, Harsdorf, Kapenga, Moulton, Olsen, Stroebel, Testin, Ringhand and L. Taylor.
hist74947To committee on Consumer Protection.
hist74552Assembly Bill 508
Relating to: apprentice-to-journeyworker ratios in apprenticeships and the minimum duration of carpentry and plumbing apprenticeships.
By Representatives Hutton, Rohrkaste, Allen, Bernier, Brandtjen, E. Brooks, Felzkowski, Gannon, Horlacher, Katsma, Knodl, Kremer, Krug, Kulp, Macco, Neylon, Petersen, Sanfelippo, Spiros, Thiesfeldt, Tittl and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators Kapenga, Craig, Darling, Feyen, Lasee, Marklein, Nass, Stroebel, Vukmir and Wanggaard.
hist74948To committee on Workforce Development.
hist74512Assembly Bill 509
Relating to: taste samples of fermented apple or pear cider provided by a winery.
By Representatives Kooyenga, Horlacher, Anderson, Ballweg, Considine, Crowley, Gannon, Kremer, Milroy, Pope, Pronschinske, Spreitzer, Thiesfeldt and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators Miller, Marklein, Nass and L. Taylor.
hist74949To committee on State Affairs.
Chief Clerk Reports
The Chief Clerk records:
hist74938Assembly Bill 64
Presented to the Governor on Wednesday, September 20.
Assembly Chief Clerk