Senate Journal
One-Hundred and Third Regular Session
FRIDAY, April 28, 2017
The Chief Clerk made the following entries under the above date.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Amendments Offered
hist68953Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 216 offered by Senator Ringhand.
Deposited with the Secretary of State
The Chief Clerk records:
hist68898Senate Joint Resolution 3
hist68899Senate Joint Resolution 8
hist68900Senate Joint Resolution 12
Deposited in the office of the Secretary of State on 4-28-2017.
Report of Committees
The committee on Senate Organization reported:
Referred to, and withdrawn from, the joint committee on Finance, pursuant to Senate Rule 41 (1)(e):
hist68911Senate Bill 15
Ayes: 5 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth, Vukmir, Shilling and Bewley.
Noes: 0 - None.
Placed the following appointments and proposals on the Senate Calendar of Tuesday, May 02, 2017:
hist68954The Honorable James "Mac" Davis
hist68950Beverly R. Gill
hist68951Julie Glancey
hist68949Laura E. Gutierrez
hist68948Lon E. Roberts
hist68947The Honorable Timothy M. Van Akkeren
hist68946Daniel J. Zimmerman
hist68925Senate Joint Resolution 17
hist68926Senate Joint Resolution 34
hist68927Senate Joint Resolution 38
hist68952Senate Joint Resolution 39
hist68928Senate Joint Resolution 40
hist68929Senate Joint Resolution 41
hist68930Senate Joint Resolution 43
hist68931Senate Joint Resolution 44
hist68932Senate Joint Resolution 45
hist68933Senate Joint Resolution 46
hist68934Assembly Joint Resolution 26
hist68935Senate Bill 15
hist68936Senate Bill 20
hist68937Senate Bill 23
hist68938Senate Bill 46
hist68939Senate Bill 69
hist68940Senate Bill 100
hist68941Senate Bill 144
hist68942Senate Bill 148
hist68943Assembly Bill 59
hist68944Assembly Bill 73
hist68945Assembly Bill 146
Ayes: 5 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth, Vukmir, Shilling and Bewley.
Noes: 0 - None.
Petitions and Communications
hist68901Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Jarchow withdrawn as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 107.