Senate Journal
One-Hundred and Third Regular Session
FRIDAY, October 27, 2017
The Chief Clerk made the following entries under the above date.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Amendments Offered
hist76697Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 480 offered by Senator Cowles.
hist76698Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 481 offered by Senators Feyen and Bewley.
Introduction, First Reading, and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist75586Senate Bill 480
Relating to: voluntary payments associated with special distinguishing registration plates expressing support for the family members of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty and making an appropriation.
By Senator Cowles; cosponsored by Representatives Steffen, Barca, Bowen, Edming, Genrich, Horlacher, Ripp, Spreitzer and Tusler.
hist76670To the committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
hist75896Senate Bill 481
Relating to: eliminating deductions for moving expenses for businesses that move out of the state or out of the United States.
By Senators Feyen, Bewley, Carpenter, Erpenbach, Johnson, Olsen, Risser, Wirch and Larson; cosponsored by Representatives Neylon, C. Taylor, Anderson, Barca, Berceau, R. Brooks, Brostoff, Considine, Duchow, Fields, Genrich, Hebl, Hesselbein, Horlacher, Jacque, Kolste, Murphy, Mursau, Novak, Ohnstad, Petryk, Pope, Quinn, Riemer, Sargent, Sinicki, Skowronski, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Vruwink and Wachs.
hist76671To the committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Issues.
hist75897Senate Bill 482
Relating to: increasing funding to the Elections Commission for elections administration positions and making an appropriation.
By Senators Erpenbach, Hansen, Risser, Vinehout, Larson and Ringhand; cosponsored by Representatives Sargent, Genrich, Zamarripa, Hebl, Hesselbein, Kolste, Anderson, Goyke, Shankland, Pope, C. Taylor, Spreitzer, Berceau, Novak, Crowley, Sinicki, Hintz, Billings and Fields.
hist76672To the committee on Elections and Utilities.
hist75898Senate Bill 483
Relating to: robotics league participation grants.
By Senator Nass; cosponsored by Representative Neylon.
hist76673To the committee on Education.
hist75899Senate Bill 484
Relating to: the sales and use tax exemption for personal farm property or household goods sold by auction on the Internet.
By Senators Lasee, Olsen and Vukmir; cosponsored by Representatives Quinn, Horlacher, Jarchow, Petryk, Ripp and Tusler.
hist76674To the committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Issues.
hist75900Senate Bill 485
Relating to: transfer of wild turkey hunting license and tag.
By Senators Moulton, Miller, Marklein, Olsen, Ringhand, Stroebel, Vukmir and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Milroy, Kleefisch, Berceau, Considine, Fields, Kremer, Mursau, Pronschinske, Ripp, Skowronski, Spiros, Tittl and Tusler.
hist76675To the committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry.
hist75901Senate Bill 486
Relating to: regulating the operation of recreational vessels carrying persons under the age of ten and providing a penalty.
By Senators Petrowski, Bewley, Johnson, Marklein, Ringhand, Risser and Larson; cosponsored by Representatives Mursau, Kitchens, Anderson, Berceau, Billings, Considine, E. Brooks, Genrich, Hesselbein, Horlacher, Kolste, Kremer, Petryk, Pronschinske, Ripp, Rodriguez, Sinicki, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, Tauchen and Snyder.
hist76676To the committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry.
hist75902Senate Bill 487
Relating to: grants to support donation of farm and food products to food banks and making an appropriation.
By Senators Petrowski, Feyen, Moulton, Olsen, Vinehout and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Krug, Anderson, Ballweg, E. Brooks, Kremer, Kulp, Mursau, Novak, Petersen, Pope, Pronschinske, Quinn, C. Taylor, Ripp, Sargent, Skowronski, Subeck and Vorpagel.
hist76677To the committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism.
hist75903Senate Bill 488
Relating to: using a tribal identification card for various purposes.
By Senators Petrowski, Wanggaard, Bewley, Carpenter, Miller, Ringhand and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Mursau, Edming, Ballweg, Berceau, Considine, Genrich, Horlacher, Kolste, Milroy, Ohnstad, Skowronski, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor and Tusler.
hist76678To the committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protection.
hist75904Senate Bill 489
Relating to: insurance requirements for intrastate motor carriers of passengers.
By Senator Petrowski; cosponsored by Representatives Felzkowski, Petryk and Skowronski.
hist76679To the committee on Insurance, Housing and Trade.
hist75905Senate Bill 490
Relating to: exempting from the state family and medical leave law an employer that is covered under the federal family and medical leave law.
By Senators Darling, LeMahieu, Marklein, Craig and Kapenga; cosponsored by Representatives Ballweg, Rohrkaste, Bernier, Brandtjen, E. Brooks, Horlacher, Jarchow, Katsma, Kooyenga, Knodl, Loudenbeck, Novak, Nygren, Skowronski, Tusler, Vorpagel and Born.
hist76680To the committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform.
hist75906Senate Bill 491
Relating to: the collection and maintenance of certain public library data by the Division for Libraries and Technology, authorizing small, rural libraries to apply for information technology block grants and educational technology training grants, and making appropriations.
By Senators Harsdorf, Olsen and Tiffany; cosponsored by Representatives Felzkowski, Swearingen, Horlacher, Kooyenga, Loudenbeck, Mursau, Novak, Ripp, Skowronski, Tranel and Tusler.
hist76681To the committee on Education.
hist76080Senate Bill 492
Relating to: obtaining crime victim mental health treatment records.
By Senators Petrowski, Wanggaard, Cowles, Harsdorf and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Spiros, Jacque, Berceau, E. Brooks, Mursau, Petryk and Tauchen.
hist76682To the committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist76081Senate Bill 493
Relating to: authorizing La Crosse County to become a premier resort area.
By Senator Shilling; cosponsored by Representative Doyle.
hist76683To the committee on Economic Development, Commerce and Local Government.
hist76082Senate Bill 494
Relating to: publication of school and school district accountability reports.
By Senators Olsen, Darling, Bewley, Cowles, Marklein and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Kitchens, Duchow, Considine, Genrich, Hebl, Horlacher, Mursau, Novak, Pope, Quinn, Ripp, Spiros, Steffen, Tusler and Zimmerman.
hist76684To the committee on Education.