hist80250Senate Bill 666
Relating to: pilot program to provide outreach, support, and mental health and substance abuse services for veterans and making an appropriation.
By Senators Petrowski, Cowles, Bewley, Carpenter, Darling, Olsen, Wanggaard and Marklein; cosponsored by Representatives Felzkowski, Loudenbeck, Anderson, Hesselbein, Horlacher, Jacque, Jagler, Kitchens, Kuglitsch, Kulp, Milroy, Novak, Ott, Quinn, Rohrkaste, Schraa, Tauchen, Tranel, Mursau, VanderMeer and Goyke.
hist81373To the committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
hist80748Senate Bill 667
Relating to: administration of the livestock premises registration program and making an appropriation.
By Senators Olsen, Marklein and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Tauchen, VanderMeer, Born and E. Brooks.
hist81374To the committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism.
hist80783Senate Bill 668
Relating to: the limit on tax credits that may be certified under the historic rehabilitation tax credit.
By Senators Darling, Feyen, Roth, Shilling, Olsen, Carpenter, Bewley, Hansen and Cowles; cosponsored by Representatives Rohrkaste, R. Brooks, Horlacher, Nygren, Born, Kitchens, Felzkowski, Jacque, Rodriguez, Kerkman, Anderson, Goyke, Berceau, VanderMeer, Ballweg, Steffen, Thiesfeldt, Ohnstad, Novak, Genrich, Brostoff, Barca, Ott, Kolste, Subeck, Murphy, Tranel, Bernier, Riemer, E. Brooks, Fields, Krug, Stuck, Shankland, Spreitzer, Doyle, C. Taylor, Billings and Skowronski.
hist81375To the committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Issues.
hist80989Senate Bill 669
Relating to: disclosures of prescription drug costs under health insurance policies and plans.
By Senators Bewley, Risser, L. Taylor and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Hebl, Kolste, Anderson, Berceau, Milroy, Pope, Sargent, Shankland, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor, Vruwink, Zamarripa and Zepnick.
hist81376To the committee on Insurance, Housing and Trade.
hist81041Senate Bill 670
Relating to: direct primary care program for Medical Assistance recipients and direct primary care agreements.
By Senators Kapenga, Craig, Cowles, Moulton, Stroebel and Tiffany; cosponsored by Representatives Sanfelippo, Bernier, R. Brooks, Duchow, Horlacher, Hutton, Jagler, Katsma, Knodl, Kolste, Kooyenga, Kremer, Kuglitsch, Kulp, Murphy, Quinn, Rohrkaste, Skowronski, Stafsholt, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Vorpagel, Weatherston, Wichgers and Ballweg.
hist81377To the committee on Public Benefits, Licensing and State-Federal Relations.
Petitions and Communications
hist81368Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Brostoff added as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 320.
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
Relating to the construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, and inspection of the Wisconsin commercial buildings and affecting small business.
Submitted by the Department of Safety and Professional Services.
hist81139Report received from Agency, December 18, 2017.
hist81301Referred to the committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism, December 21, 2017.
Advice and Consent of the Senate
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
December 21, 2017
The Honorable, the Senate:
I am pleased to nominate and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint SECRETARY DANIEL L. MEYER, of Eagle River, as Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, to serve for the term ending at the pleasure of the Governor.
Respectfully Submitted,
hist81326Read and referred to the committee on Natural Resources and Energy.
Messages from the Assembly Considered
Assembly Bill 356
Relating to: licensure or certificate renewal for certain emergency medical services personnel and ambulance service providers.
By Representatives Kremer, Jarchow, Bernier, R. Brooks, Krug, Kulp, Milroy, Mursau, Petryk, Ripp, Skowronski, Spiros and Tauchen; cosponsored by Senators Harsdorf, Olsen, Marklein, Testin, Kapenga and Nass.
hist81328Read first time and referred to the committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions and Rural Issues.