The committee on Senate Organization reported:
Referred to the joint ommittee on Finance, pursuant to Senate Rule 41 (1)(e):
hist83214Assembly Bill 422
hist83215Assembly Bill 489
hist83212Senate Bill 338
hist83213Senate Bill 668
Ayes: 5 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth, Vukmir, Shilling and Bewley.
Noes: 0 - None.
Referred to, and withdrawn from, the joint committee on Finance, pursuant to Senate Rule 41 (1)(e):
hist83218Assembly Bill 572
hist83216Senate Bill 404
Ayes: 5 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth, Vukmir, Shilling and Bewley.
Noes: 0 - None.
Public hearing requirement waived, pursuant to Senate Rule 18 (1m):
hist83220Assembly Bill 314
hist83221Assembly Bill 326
hist83222Assembly Bill 342
hist83223Assembly Bill 420
hist83224Assembly Bill 518
hist83225Assembly Bill 527
hist83226Assembly Bill 532
hist83227Assembly Bill 551
hist83228Assembly Bill 572
hist83229Assembly Bill 626
Ayes: 5 - Senators Fitzgerald, Roth, Vukmir, Shilling and Bewley.
Noes: 0 - None.
Placed the following appointments and proposals on the Senate Calendar of Tuesday, January 23, 2018:
hist83264Dr. Alaa A. Abd-Elsayed
hist83265Barbara Bechtel
hist83267Steven R. Best
hist83268Michael Carton
hist83269James Daley
hist83270Padmaja Doniparthi
hist83271Dr. Rodney Erickson
hist83272Dr. Robert Forbes
hist83273Senator Sheila Harsdorf
hist83275Dr. Leonardo Huck
hist83276Vern L. Larson
hist83277Robert R. Larson
hist83278Tanya L. Meyer
hist83279Dennis Myers
hist83280Valerie A. Palarski
hist83281David Roelke
hist83282Jason A. Rothenberg
hist83283Jeffery R. Schwaller
hist83284Luann Skarlupka
hist83285Dr. Beth Smith Houskamp
hist83286Dr. Timothy Westlake
hist83287Pamela K. White
hist83288Wyman Winston
hist83289Arthur Zimmerman
hist83290Dr. Robert L. Zoeller
hist83274Michael Haas
hist83266Brian Bell
hist83230Senate Joint Resolution 89
hist83231Senate Joint Resolution 90
hist83232Senate Joint Resolution 92
hist83233Senate Joint Resolution 93
hist83234Senate Joint Resolution 94
hist83235Assembly Joint Resolution 48
hist83236Assembly Joint Resolution 77
hist83237Assembly Joint Resolution 79
hist83238Assembly Joint Resolution 95
hist83210Senate Bill 48
hist83211Senate Bill 69
hist83239Senate Bill 159
hist83240Senate Bill 226
hist83241Senate Bill 381
hist83242Senate Bill 394
hist83243Senate Bill 404
hist83244Senate Bill 435
hist83245Senate Bill 473
hist83246Senate Bill 488
hist83247Senate Bill 494
hist83248Senate Bill 511
hist83249Senate Bill 534
hist83250Senate Bill 575
hist83251Senate Bill 604
hist83252Senate Bill 650
hist83253Assembly Bill 314
hist83254Assembly Bill 326
hist83255Assembly Bill 342
hist83256Assembly Bill 420
hist83257Assembly Bill 464
hist83258Assembly Bill 518
hist83259Assembly Bill 527
hist83260Assembly Bill 532