Introduction, First Reading, and Reference of Proposals
Read and referred:
hist86976Senate Joint Resolution 105
Relating to: supporting Taiwan's signing of the Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) with the United States and reaffirming support for increasing Taiwan's international profile and for strengthening and expanding sister-state ties between Wisconsin and Taiwan.
By Senators Marklein and Moulton; cosponsored by Representatives Kulp, Tranel, Sinicki, Rohrkaste, Ballweg, Thiesfeldt, E. Brooks, VanderMeer, Kerkman, Krug, Steffen, Tusler, Spiros and Bernier.
hist87065To the committee on Senate Organization.
hist86990Senate Joint Resolution 106
Relating to: the life and public service of Representative Robert "Bob" Gannon.
By Senators Stroebel, Darling, Carpenter, Nass, Vukmir and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Gundrum, Brandtjen, Fields, Allen, Ballweg, R. Brooks, Brostoff, Crowley, Duchow, Edming, Felzkowski, Hesselbein, Jacque, Katsma, Kerkman, Kitchens, Knodl, Kremer, Krug, Kulp, Loudenbeck, Meyers, Murphy, Mursau, Ott, Petryk, Quinn, Rohrkaste, Sanfelippo, Sargent, Schraa, Sinicki, Skowronski, Snyder, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, Swearingen, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Tranel, Tusler, VanderMeer, Vorpagel, Vruwink, Weatherston, Wichgers and Zepnick.
hist87064To the committee on Senate Organization.
Read first time and referred:
hist86982Senate Bill 807
Relating to: juvenile correctional facilities, youth aids, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
By Senators Wanggaard and L. Taylor.
hist86983To the committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist86972Senate Bill 808
Relating to: notices of eligibility to receive a prize.
By Senators LeMahieu and Feyen; cosponsored by Representatives Tittl, Vorpagel, Katsma and Steffen.
hist86995To the committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protection.
hist86481Senate Bill 809
Relating to: lengthening the time during which tax increments may be allocated and expenditures for project costs may be made and extending the maximum life for Tax Incremental Districts Number One and Four in the village of Caledonia.
By Senator Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Weatherston and Vos.
hist87063To the committee on Economic Development, Commerce and Local Government.
Report of Committees
The committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform reported and recommended:
Senate Bill 564
Relating to: worker's compensation claims by certain public safety employees for post-traumatic stress disorder.
hist87167Senate Substitute Amendment 1 adoption.
Ayes: 5 - Senators Nass, Wanggaard, Kapenga, Wirch and Ringhand.
Noes: 0 - None.
hist87168Passage as amended.
Ayes: 4 - Senators Nass, Wanggaard, Wirch and Ringhand.
Noes: 1 - Senator Kapenga.
Senate Bill 745
Relating to: deference by courts to agency interpretations of law, notice and comment requirements for guidance documents issued by agencies, and agency rule-making authority.
hist87164Senate Amendment 1 adoption.
Ayes: 5 - Senators Nass, Wanggaard, Kapenga, Wirch and Ringhand.
Noes: 0 - None.
hist87165Passage as amended.
Ayes: 3 - Senators Nass, Wanggaard and Kapenga.
Noes: 2 - Senators Wirch and Ringhand.
The committee on Public Benefits, Licensing and State-Federal Relations reported and recommended:
Senate Bill 653
Relating to: foster home licensing.
Ayes: 5 - Senators Kapenga, Olsen, Craig, Johnson and Vinehout.
Noes: 0 - None.
Senate Bill 724
Relating to: funeral director apprenticeships.
Ayes: 5 - Senators Kapenga, Olsen, Craig, Johnson and Vinehout.
Noes: 0 - None.
Petitions and Communications
hist87075Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Pronschinske added as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 501.
hist87080Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Sinicki added as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 637.
Legislative Reference Bureau Corrections
Corrections In:
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(February 15, 2018, supersedes February 13, 0218, correction)
hist869941. Page 2, line 1: delete “individual counties" and substitute “eligible organizations".
****NOTE: Inserts correct term. Eligible organizations may receive a grant under this paragraph, not individual counties.
2. Page 3, line 6: delete “support" and substitute “supplant".
Senator Fitzgerald, with unanimous consent, asked that the 2017 Regular Session of the Senate stand adjourned until Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
3:21 P.M.