hist96175To the joint committee on Finance.
hist96171Senate Bill 885
Relating to: holding the presidential preference primary on the second Tuesday in March; applying for an absentee ballot in-person; and absentee ballots cast by overseas and military voters.
By the joint committee on Finance
hist96176To the joint committee on Finance.
hist96172Senate Bill 886
Relating to: federal government waivers and other requests for federal approval; public assistance programs; waivers from work search and registration requirements for certain unemployment insurance benefit claimants; granting rule-making authority; and making an appropriation.
By the joint committee on Finance
hist96177To the joint committee on Finance.
hist96173Senate Bill 887
Relating to: legislative power and duties, state agency and authority composition and operations, administrative rule-making process, federal government waivers and approvals, unemployment insurance work search and registration requirements, and making an appropriation.
By the joint committee on Finance
hist96178To the joint committee on Finance.
Report of Committees
The committee on Senate Organization reported:
Placed the following appointments and proposals on the Senate Calendar of Tuesday, December 04, 2018:
hist96394Renee E. Anderson
hist96395Shirley A. Armstrong
hist96396Lisa Bahr
hist96397Scott C. Beightol
hist96398Dr. Shari Berry
hist96399Dr. Matthew R. Bistan
hist96400Donald Borst
hist96401Robert R. Broeckert
hist96402Dr. David Anthony Bryce
hist96403Thomas Chwala
hist96404Susan M. Crane
hist96405Dr. Marcus P. Desmonde
hist96406Rosemary P. Dolatowski
hist96407Marc A Eernisse
hist96477H. Bruce Enke
hist96478Jeffery Feldt
hist96408Jeffery Giesking
hist96409Robert C. Gorsuch
hist96410Patricia Grathen
hist96411Kelly H. Grebe
hist96412Lisa M Greco
hist96413Dr. Kevin L. Hamberger
hist96479Bryce L. Hansen
hist96414Charles Hawkins
hist96415David Hutchison
hist96416Jack J. Johnsen
hist96417Barbara Johnson
hist96489Stanley D. Jones
hist96418Nela Kalpic
hist96419Dr. Herbert Michael Kaske
hist96420Steven Klapperich
hist96421Thomas Kneesel
hist96422Kristin Koger
hist96423Thomas J. Krier
hist96424Elizabeth A. Krueger
hist96425Franklin J. LaDien
hist96426Dr. Tara LaRowe
hist96427Dr. Lee Ann R. Lau
hist96494Joel Mankowski
hist96428Richard J. Marino
hist96429Tracy Marshall
hist96430Georgia E. Maxwell
hist96431Dale Mayo
hist96432Vicky McNally
hist96433Marla Michaelis
hist96434Kathleen M. Miller
hist96435Dennis Myers
hist96436Ellen Nowak
hist96437Laura O'Brien
hist96438Sarah Olson
hist96439Susan M. Perry
hist96440Dr. Wendy M. Pietz
hist96441Kim S. Rank
hist96442John Reinemann
hist96443John Reinemann
hist96444Thomas J. Richie
hist96445Tammy H. Scheidegger
hist96446Dr. David K. Schlichting
hist96447Bernard Schroedl
hist96448Dr. Robert C. Schulz
hist96449Renee J. Schulz
hist96450Paul Seidenstricker
hist96451Dr. Peter Sheild
hist96452Tim Short
hist96453Susan Sippel
hist96454Pamela Stanick
hist96455Dr. John L. Sterling
hist96456James Surprise
hist96457Dr. Dale B. Taylor Ph.D.
hist96458Alena A. Taylor
hist96459Mark M. Thomas
hist96460Dr. David Thompson