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Period ending June 3, 2022
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Abortion-inducing drug regimen: informed consent requirements and hospital, clinic, or other facility reporting requirement [vetoed] - AB180
Child born alive after abortion: requirements of health care providers present and criminal penalties created, damage provisions [vetoed] - AB179
DHS prohibited from certifying a MA provider that is a private entity providing abortion services, federal waiver provision [vetoed] - AB183
Selective abortions and disability-selective abortion prohibited; civil remedies and injunctive relief provisions [vetoed] - AB182
actions against the stateActions against the state, see Claims
adjusterAdjuster, see Insurance
adjutant generalAdjutant General
Adjutant General duties re local government FEMA application training, issuance of FEMA payments, and email and electronic payments re emergency management - Act 159
State disaster assistance payments to retail electric cooperatives [Sec. 1986m] - Act 9
administration department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of — Agency and general functions
Clean water clearinghouse created re buying and selling water pollution credits; DOA and DNR duties; DNR to consult EPA on certain credits, memorandum of understanding provision - Act 151
DOA authorized to transfer employees from one executive branch agency to another during the 2020 public health emergency, report to JCF required [Sec. 105 (8)] - Act 185
Homeless shelter grants: eligibility and implementation revisions; MA waiver for assistance in obtaining housing; transfer from WHEDA surplus fund to general fund [Admin.Code Adm 86.03, 86.05] - Act 76
State capitol and grounds: DOA to study safety and security in consultation with City of Madison Police Department, report required [Sec. 9101 (1f)] [vetoed] - Act 9
TEACH program extended and modified [Sec. 88-117, 275, 1570, 1570f, 1811m, 9434 (4)] - Act 9
administration department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of — Boards and other subdivisions
Discretionary merit compensation for DOC employees revised [Sec. 315p, 1854d, f] [vetoed] - Act 9
LTE hours and use of annual leave during 2020 public health emergency [Sec. 83, 84] - Act 185
administration, department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of — Budget and fiscal issues
DOA document sales services appropriation moved [Sec. 267, 268] - Act 9
Marketplace providers required to collect and remit sales and use tax on behalf of marketplace sellers, definition provision; individual income tax rate reductions estimated for 2019 and subsequent taxable years; LAB, DOA and DOR duties; one-time reduction from total tax due provision - Act 10
Personal property tax exemption on all machinery, tools, and patterns; maximum individual income tax sliding scale standard deduction increased; state’s general obligation and variable rate debt reduction [vetoed] - SB821
Service award program re volunteer fire fighters, emergency medical responders, and EMS practitioners: appropriation for state match increased - Act 139
Transfer to state building trust fund and lapse to general fund from certain DOA accounts [Sec. 9201 (1i), (1j)] [9201 (1j) -- vetoed] - Act 9
Volkswagen settlement fund used for school bus replacement grants [Sec. 55, 55c, 292, 9101 (2i)] [55c -- partial veto; 9101 (2i) -- vetoed] - Act 9
administrative rulesAdministrative rules, see also specific agency or department
Adoption assistance eligibility: definition of children with special needs modified [Admin.Code DCF 50.09] - Act 92
Alternative project delivery in DOT: design-build projects pilot program authorized and office of innovative program delivery created, report required; emergency rules provision [Sec. 46m, 1079m, 1089m, 9144 (4p), (4q)] [1079m, 9144 (4p) -- partial veto; 46m, 1089m, 9144 (4q) -- vetoed] - Act 9
ATV and UTV regulations revised; administrative code revision [Admin.Code NR 64.14] [partial veto] - Act 183
Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, and Professional Land Surveyors required to promulgate rules re retired credential holder exemption from continuing education requirements but maintain professional title - Act 94
Fire fighting foam containing PFAS: prohibition created; DNR duties, forfeiture, and emergency rule provisions - Act 101
Funeral director apprenticeships and licenses: requirements revised; continuing education and emergency rules provisions - Act 137
Homeless shelter grants: eligibility and implementation revisions; MA waiver for assistance in obtaining housing; transfer from WHEDA surplus fund to general fund [Admin.Code Adm 86.03, 86.05] - Act 76
``Intellectual disability” substituted for ``mental retardation”, and similar phrases, in Administrative Rules; definition provisions [Admin.Code DCF 52.59; DHS 10.13, 15 (title), 15.01, 15.02, 15.04, 61.022, 61.43, 61.70, 63.02, 73.07, 101.03, 105.09, 105.12, 107.09, 107.13, 122.02, 129.03, 129.07, 129.09, 132.13, 132.51, 132.695, 134.13, 134.31, 134.42, 134.47, 134.53, 134.60; DWD 272.09; PSC 113.012, 134.02, 134.062, 134.0624, 185.12, 185.37; SPS 326.10] - Act 1
MA services provided through telehealth and communications technology: DHS required to provide reimbursement; conditions, definitions, and emergency rule provisions - Act 56
Milk producer affidavit that dairy product does not contain synthetic BGH: DATCP prohibited from promulgating a rule limiting duration of the affidavit - Act 153
Motor carrier maximum hours for drivers: federal law exception re planting and harvesting period modified [Admin.Code Trans 325.01] - Act 174
Peer recovery coach services under MA: reimbursement revision and continuation of care and overdose treatment providers provision; DHS duties - Act 122
Physical Therapy Licensure Compact ratified - Act 100
Revised uniform law on notarial acts adopted and prior uniform law repealed; Remote Notary Council created and attached to DFI, emergency rule provision; electronic records provisions - Act 125
Veterans housing loan program eliminated [Admin Code VA 4] [Sec. 67, 118-121, 258-260, 293, 308d, e, 337, 338, 427-434, 436, 828, 1802, 1803, 1824, 1858, 1862-1866, 2111, 2267, 9148 (1)] - Act 9
Wetland mitigation bank changes; DNR duties, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and emergency rule provisions - Act 59
adult day careAdult day care, see Day care
advance directiveAdvance directive, see Death
agricultural creditAgricultural credit
Agricultural development loan guarantee program changes, sunset and fee provisions - Act 62
Crop insurance proceeds included in production gross receipts re manufacturing and agricultural tax credit - Act 167
Priority of certain mortgages: institution chartered by the federal Farm Credit Administration added - Act 102