AB1038-AA4,6,2 22“1. “Health care provider” means an individual who holds a valid, unexpired
23license, certificate, or registration granted by another state or territory that

1authorizes or qualifies the individual to perform acts that are substantially the same
2as the acts that any of the following are licensed or certified to perform:
AB1038-AA4,6,33 a. A nurse licensed under ch. 441.
AB1038-AA4,6,44 b. A chiropractor licensed under ch. 446.
AB1038-AA4,6,55 c. A dentist licensed under ch. 447.
AB1038-AA4,6,76 d. A physician, physician assistant, perfusionist, or respiratory care
7practitioner licensed or certified under subch. II of ch. 448.
AB1038-AA4,6,98 e. A physical therapist or physical therapist assistant licensed under subch. III
9of ch. 448 or who holds a compact privilege under subch. IX of ch. 448.
AB1038-AA4,6,1010 f. A podiatrist licensed under subch. IV of ch. 448.
AB1038-AA4,6,1111 g. A dietitian certified under subch. V of ch. 448.
AB1038-AA4,6,1212 h. An athletic trainer licensed under subch. VI of ch. 448.
AB1038-AA4,6,1413 i. An occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant licensed under
14subch. VII of ch. 448.
AB1038-AA4,6,1515 j. An optometrist licensed under ch. 449.
AB1038-AA4,6,1616 k. A pharmacist licensed under ch. 450.
AB1038-AA4,6,1717 L. An acupuncturist certified under ch. 451.
AB1038-AA4,6,1818 m. A psychologist licensed under ch. 455.
AB1038-AA4,6,2019 n. A social worker, marriage and family therapist, or professional counselor
20certified or licensed under ch. 457.
AB1038-AA4,6,2221 o. A speech-language pathologist or audiologist licensed under subch. II of ch.
AB1038-AA4,6,2323 p. A massage therapist or bodywork therapist licensed under ch. 460.
AB1038-AA4,6,2524 2. “Health care facility” means a system, care clinic, care provider, long-term
25care facility, or any other health care facility where health care services are provided.
13. “Temporary credential” mean a visiting, locum tenens, temporary, or similar
2non-permanent license or certificate.
AB1038-AA4,7,33 (b) Temporary practice; emergency.
AB1038-AA4,7,84 1. Notwithstanding ss. 440.982 (1), 441.06 (4), 441.15 (2), 446.02 (1), 447.03 (1),
5448.03 (1) (a), (b), and (c) and (1m), 448.51 (1), 448.61, 448.76, 448.961 (1) and (2),
6449.02 (1), 450.03 (1), 451.04 (1), 455.02 (1m), 457.04 (4), (5), (6), and (7), 459.02 (1),
7459.24 (1), and 460.02, a health care provider may provide services within the scope
8of the credential that the health care provider holds if all of the following apply:
AB1038-AA4,7,109 a. Practice by the health care provider is necessary for an identified health care
10facility to ensure the continued and safe delivery of health care services.
AB1038-AA4,7,1311 b. The identified health care facility's needs reasonably prevented the health
12care provider from obtaining a credential before beginning to provide health care
13services at the facility.
AB1038-AA4,7,1614 c. The health care provider applies for a temporary credential or permanent
15credential within 10 days of beginning to provide health care services at a health care
AB1038-AA4,7,1917 d. The health care facility notifies the department of safety and professional
18services within 5 days of the date on which the health care provider begins providing
19health care services at the facility.
AB1038-AA4,7,2220 2. A health care provider who provides services authorized under this
21subsection shall maintain malpractice insurance that satisfies the requirements of
22the profession for which the health care provider has been licensed or certified.
AB1038-AA4,7,2523 3. This subsection does not apply 30 days after the conclusion of the period
24covered by the public health emergency declared on March 12, 2020, by executive
25order 72.”.
115. Page 86, line 12: after “2020." insert “A taxation district may not waive
2interest and penalties as provided in this subsection unless the county board of the
3county where the taxation district is located first adopts a resolution authorizing
4such waiver and establishing criteria for determining hardship, and the taxation
5district subsequently adopts a similar resolution. A county that has adopted a
6resolution authorizing the waiver of interest and penalties under this subsection
7shall settle any taxes, interest, and penalties collected on or before July 31, 2020, on
8August 20, 2020, as provided under s. 74.29 (1), and settle the remaining unpaid
9taxes, interest, and penalties on September 20, 2020. The August 20, 2020,
10settlement shall be distributed proportionally to the underlying taxing
AB1038-AA4,8,12 1216. Page 86, line 18: after “agriculture," insert “forest products,".