2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
November 13, 2019 - Offered by Representative Vorpagel.
AB454-ASA1,1,2 1An Act to create 947.014 of the statutes; relating to: swatting and providing
2a penalty.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB454-ASA1,1 3Section 1 . 947.014 of the statutes is created to read:
AB454-ASA1,1,4 4947.014 Swatting. (1) In this section:
AB454-ASA1,1,55 (a) “Authorized emergency vehicle” has the meaning given in s. 340.01 (3).
AB454-ASA1,1,66 (b) “Emergency” means any of the following:
AB454-ASA1,1,107 1. A condition that results in or could result in the response of a law
8enforcement officer, tribal law enforcement officer, state-certified commission
9warden, fire fighter, emergency medical responder, or emergency medical services
10practitioner in an authorized emergency vehicle, aircraft, or vessel.
AB454-ASA1,1,1211 2. A condition that jeopardizes or could jeopardize public safety and results in
12or could result in the evacuation of any area, building, structure, or vehicle.
1(c) “Emergency medical responder” has the meaning given in s. 256.01 (4p).
AB454-ASA1,2,32 (d) “Emergency medical services practitioner” has the meaning given in s.
3256.01 (5).
AB454-ASA1,2,44 (e) “Fire fighter” has the meaning given in s. 102.475 (8) (b).
AB454-ASA1,2,55 (f) “Law enforcement agency” has the meaning given in s. 165.77 (1) (b).
AB454-ASA1,2,66 (g) “Law enforcement officer” has the meaning given in s. 165.85 (2) (c).
AB454-ASA1,2,107 (h) “Specialized tactical team” means a special weapons and tactics team or a
8tactical response team that is designated by a law enforcement agency and whose
9members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped, and assigned to resolve critical
10incidents that involve a threat to public safety.
AB454-ASA1,2,1111 (i) “Tribal law enforcement officer” has the meaning given in s. 165.92 (1) (b).
AB454-ASA1,2,15 12(2) Whoever, knowing the information is false, intentionally conveys, or causes
13to be conveyed, any false information that an emergency exists is guilty of a Class
14I felony if the information elicits, or could elicit, a response from a specialized tactical
AB454-ASA1,2,18 16(3) Whoever violates sub. (2) is guilty of a Class H felony if the violation
17resulted in bodily harm to any person or a Class E felony if the violation resulted in
18great bodily harm to any person.