2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
January 28, 2020 - Offered by Representative August.
AB752-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB752-AA1,1,2 21. Page 15, line 6: delete “not".
AB752-AA1,1,5 32. Page 17, line 17: delete “maturity of the deposit" and substitute “earlier of
4maturity or the date of the last indication of interest in the property by the apparent
AB752-AA1,1,7 63. Page 19, line 5: delete the material beginning with that line and ending with
7page 20, line 21, and substitute:
AB752-AA1,1,12 8177.0202 When tax-deferred retirement account presumed
9abandoned. (1)
Subject to s. 177.0210, property held in a pension account or
10retirement account that qualifies for federal income tax deferral under the U.S.
11income tax laws is presumed abandoned if it is unclaimed by the apparent owner 3
12years after:
AB752-AA1,1,1313 (a) The later of the following:
11. The date on which a 2nd consecutive communication sent by the holder by
21st class mail to the apparent owner is returned to the holder by the U.S. postal
3service as undeliverable.
AB752-AA1,2,74 2. If the 2nd communication is sent later than 30 days after the date on which
5the first communication is returned to the holder by the U.S. postal service as
6undeliverable, the date on which the first communication was returned as
AB752-AA1,2,88 (b) The earlier of the following:
AB752-AA1,2,119 1. The date on which the apparent owner reaches the minimum distribution
10age, as specified under the Internal Revenue Code or by federal regulation, if that
11can be determined by the holder.
AB752-AA1,2,1312 2. If distribution to avoid a tax penalty is required under the Internal Revenue
13Code, 2 years after the following:
AB752-AA1,2,1514 a. The date on which the holder receives confirmation of the death of the
15apparent owner in the ordinary course of the holder's business.
AB752-AA1,2,1716 b. The date on which the holder confirms the death of the apparent owner under
17sub. (2).
AB752-AA1,2,21 18(2) If a holder in the ordinary course of its business receives notice or an
19indication of the death of an apparent owner and sub. (1) (b) applies, the holder shall
20attempt not later than 90 days after receipt of the notice or indication to confirm
21whether the apparent owner is deceased.
AB752-AA1,3,2 22(3) If the holder does not send communications to the apparent owner of an
23account described in sub. (1) by 1st class mail, the holder shall attempt to confirm
24the apparent owner's interest in the property by sending the apparent owner e-mail
25not later than 2 years after the apparent owner's last indication of interest in the

1property, except that the holder shall promptly attempt to contact the apparent
2owner by 1st class mail if any of the following applies:
AB752-AA1,3,53 (a) The holder does not have information needed to send the apparent owner
4e-mail or the holder believes that the apparent owner's e-mail address in the
5holder's records is not valid.
AB752-AA1,3,66 (b) The holder receives notification that the e-mail was not received.
AB752-AA1,3,87 (c) The apparent owner does not respond to the e-mail within 30 days from the
8date on which the e-mail was sent.
AB752-AA1,3,11 9(4) If 1st class mail sent under sub. (3) is returned to the holder by the U.S.
10postal service as undeliverable, the property is presumed abandoned on the date
11determined under sub. (1).”.
AB752-AA1,3,12 124. Page 21, line 14: delete “earliest" and substitute “later".
AB752-AA1,3,15 135. Page 21, line 15: delete “The date" and substitute “If the date on which the
14minor's custodian is required to transfer the property to the minor has passed, the
AB752-AA1,3,17 166. Page 21, line 18: after “If" insert “the date on which the minor's custodian
17is required to transfer the property to the minor has passed and if".
AB752-AA1,3,19 187. Page 22, line 14: delete the material beginning with “3" and ending with
19“returned" on line 15 and substitute “on the date determined under sub. (1)”.
AB752-AA1,3,20 208. Page 33, line 20: delete “IX" and substitute “XIV".
AB752-AA1,3,21 219. Page 37, line 23: after that line insert:
AB752-AA1,3,22 22 Section 82b. 177.0503 (1b) of the statutes is created to read:
AB752-AA1,3,2323 177.0503 (1b) A notice under sub. (1) shall contain all of the following:
1(a) The names in alphabetical order and the last-known addresses, if any, of
2persons listed in the report and entitled to notice within the county, as specified in
3sub. (1).
AB752-AA1,4,64 (b) A statement that information concerning the property and the name and
5last-known address of the holder may be obtained by any person possessing an
6interest in the property by addressing an inquiry to the administrator.
AB752-AA1,82d 7Section 82d. 177.0503 (1d) of the statutes is created to read:
AB752-AA1,4,108 177.0503 (1d) The administrator is not required to publish notice of any item
9with a value of less than $50 unless the administrator determines the publication to
10be in the public interest.”.
AB752-AA1,4,11 1110. Page 50, line 17: delete lines 17 to 21.
AB752-AA1,4,12 1211. Page 54, line 15: delete “177.0702" and substitute “177.0503".
AB752-AA1,4,13 1312. Page 61, line 25: delete “delivery" and substitute “deliver".
AB752-AA1,4,14 1413. Page 65, line 14: delete “reasonable" and substitute “reasonably".
AB752-AA1,4,15 1514. Page 66, line 14: delete lines 14 and 15 and substitute:
AB752-AA1,4,17 16“(a) Reports and records of a claimant that are in the possession of the
17administrator or the administrator's agent.”.
AB752-AA1,4,18 1815. Page 74, line 14: delete “177.0803" and substitute “ 177.0801".
AB752-AA1,4,19 1916. Page 74, line 19: delete “177.0803" and substitute “ 177.0801".