SB484-SSA1,3,77 2. All accounts receivable, if any.
SB484-SSA1,3,98 3. A detailed description of all account expenditures, including a description
9of each project funded by a grant awarded from the account.
SB484-SSA1,3,1110 4. A detailed description of all account expenditures the department intends
11to make before March 15 of the year following the report.
SB484-SSA1,2 12Section 2 . 234.045 of the statutes is created to read:
SB484-SSA1,3,14 13234.045 Workforce housing in rural counties; pilot program. (1)
14Definitions. In this section:
SB484-SSA1,3,1515 (a) “Eligible applicant” means one or more of the following:
SB484-SSA1,3,1616 1. A rural county in this state.
SB484-SSA1,3,1717 2. A city, town, or village located in a rural county in this state.
SB484-SSA1,3,1918 (b) “Project” means housing for which the authority awards workforce housing
19financial assistance.
SB484-SSA1,3,2220 (c) “Rural county” means a county in this state in which more than 25 percent
21of the county's residents reside in a rural area under standards established by the
22federal department of agriculture, as determined by the authority.
SB484-SSA1,3,2423 (d) “Workforce housing financial assistance” means financial assistance
24awarded under sub. (2) (b).
1(2) Establishment of pilot program; requirements. (a) The authority shall
2establish and administer a pilot program to encourage the creation of single-family
3and multifamily workforce housing in rural counties. No later than August 1, 2020,
4the authority shall begin outreach to solicit eligible applicants for workforce housing
5financial assistance.
SB484-SSA1,4,86 (b) Under the program established under par. (a), the authority shall award
7grants, loans, loan guarantees, or other forms of financial assistance for workforce
8housing in rural counties.
SB484-SSA1,4,109 (c) The authority shall award workforce housing financial assistance for
10projects in at least 3 communities in one or more rural counties.
SB484-SSA1,4,1411 (d) The initial purchase price for each single-family home constructed or
12rehabilitated with workforce housing financial assistance may not exceed the initial
13purchase price limitations applicable under the federal mortgage revenue bond
14requirement under 26 USC 143, as determined by the authority.
SB484-SSA1,4,1715 (e) Before disbursing any workforce housing financial assistance awarded for
16a project, the authority shall determine that all applicable state and local permitting
17requirements are satisfied with respect to the project.
SB484-SSA1,4,2118 (f) The authority shall contract with each recipient of workforce housing
19financial assistance. The contract shall include the authority's right to recover all
20amounts of workforce housing financial assistance awarded but not used in
21accordance with the contract.
SB484-SSA1,4,23 22(3) Applications; competitive process. (a) Any eligible applicant may apply
23for an award of workforce housing financial assistance.
SB484-SSA1,5,224 (b) The authority shall establish a competitive process for awarding workforce
25housing financial assistance that gives the highest priority to funding projects in the

1most rural communities in the state and includes consideration of all of the following
2for each application:
SB484-SSA1,5,43 1. The amount of funding secured for each potential project from sources other
4than the state or the authority.
SB484-SSA1,5,65 2. The amount of momentum to improve workforce housing in the community
6where each potential project is located.
SB484-SSA1,5,77 3. The need for each potential project in the community.
SB484-SSA1,5,98 4. The readiness to move forward with each potential project, including the
9existence of favorable local zoning or land use ordinances.
SB484-SSA1,5,1210 (c) 1. No later than April 1, 2020, the authority shall submit the pilot program,
11including the competitive process established under par. (b), to the joint committee
12on finance.
SB484-SSA1,5,2013 2. If the cochairpersons of the joint committee on finance do not notify the
14authority within 14 working days after the date the authority submits the program
15under subd. 1. that the committee has scheduled a meeting to review the program,
16the authority may implement the program as submitted. If, within 14 working days
17after the date the authority submits the program under subd. 1., the cochairpersons
18of the committee notify the authority that the committee has scheduled a meeting
19to review the program, the authority may implement the program only if approved
20by the committee.
SB484-SSA1,6,2 21(4) Funding. (a) In the 2019-21 fiscal biennium, the authority shall allocate
22$10,000,000 from its surplus fund, as specified in s. 234.165 (1), to make awards of
23workforce housing financial assistance. The amount allocated under this subsection
24is not subject to s. 234.165 (2) (c) and may, at the authority's discretion, include

1surplus amounts previously approved for expenditure for another purpose under s.
2234.165 (2) (b).
SB484-SSA1,6,73 (b) Notwithstanding the purpose specified under par. (a) for the allocation
4required under that paragraph, the authority may make expenditures from that
5allocation for the purpose of expanding any program supporting workforce housing
6in rural counties that is included in the authority's plan submitted under s. 234.165
7(2) (b) in 2019.
SB484-SSA1,6,12 8(5) Report. No later than September 30, 2022, the authority shall submit a
9report concerning the pilot program under this section to the joint committee on
10finance and, under s. 13.172 (3), to the appropriate standing committees of the
11legislature having jurisdiction over matters relating to housing. The report shall
12include all of the following:
SB484-SSA1,6,1413 (a) The number, kind, and amount of the authority's awards of workforce
14housing financial assistance.
SB484-SSA1,6,1515 (b) The location of each project and the economic impact of the project.
SB484-SSA1,6,1716 (c) The location and economic impact of additional workforce housing funded
17under sub. (4) (b).
SB484-SSA1,6,1918 (d) Any other information the authority deems necessary or appropriate for the
19legislature to assess the results of the pilot program.
SB484-SSA1,3 20Section 3 . 234.49 (2) (a) 4. of the statutes is amended to read:
SB484-SSA1,7,221 234.49 (2) (a) 4. To designate as an authorized lender the authority or any local
22government agency, housing authority under s. 59.53 (22), 61.73, 66.1201 or 66.1213,
23bank, savings bank, savings and loan institution, mortgage banker licensed under
24s. 224.72 or, credit union, or community development corporation, or any nonprofit
25or other entity meeting criteria established by the authority
, if the designee has a

1demonstrated history or potential of ability to adequately make and service housing
2rehabilitation loans.
SB484-SSA1,4 3Section 4 . 234.49 (2) (a) 9. e. of the statutes is created to read:
SB484-SSA1,7,54 234.49 (2) (a) 9. e. Any eligible rehabilitation in a rural county, as defined in
5s. 234.045 (1) (c).