April 2020 Extraordinary Session

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

11:00 A.M.

First Order.                         Call of roll.

Second Order.                     Chief clerk's entries.

Third Order.                       Introduction, first reading and reference of proposals.

Fourth Order.                     Report of committees.

Fifth Order.                         Petitions and communications.

Sixth Order.                        Referrals and receipt of committee reports concerning proposed administrative rules.

Seventh Order.                    Advice and consent of the Senate.

Eighth Order.                      Messages from the Assembly.

Ninth Order.                       Special Orders.

Tenth Order.                       Second reading and amendments of senate joint resolutions and senate bills.

Eleventh Order.                  Second reading and amendments of assembly joint resolutions and assembly bills.

Twelfth Order.                    Third reading of joint resolutions and bills.

Thirteenth Order.               Motions may be offered.

Fourteenth Order.              Consideration of resolutions and joint resolutions not requiring a third reading.

Fifteenth Order.                  Announcements, adjournment honors, and remarks under special privilege.

Sixteenth Order.                 Adjournment.