Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and Fourth Regular Session
  WEDNESDAY, January 16, 2019
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
hist97073Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 1 offered by Representative Petersen.
hist97074Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 1 offered by Representative Rohrkaste.
Committee Assignments
Each committee is followed by the number of Republicans and Democrats serving on the committee, meeting day and meeting week. The ranking minority party member of each committee is designated by an asterisk.
Aging and Long-Term Care (6, 3) Tuesday (Even)
Gundrum, Rick (Chair)
Petryk, Warren (Vice Chair)
Magnafici, Gae
Snyder, Patrick
Plumer, Jon
Pronschinske, Treig
Meyers, Beth*
Brostoff, Jonathan
Emerson, Jodi
Agriculture (10, 5) Tuesday (Even)
Tauchen, Gary (Chair)
Novak, Todd (Vice Chair)
Kurtz, Tony
Tranel, Travis
Kitchens, Joel
VanderMeer, Nancy
Mursau, Jeffrey
Edming, James
Pronschinske, Treig
Plumer, Jon
Considine, Dave*
Vruwink, Don
Kolste, Debra
Spreitzer, Mark
Myers, LaKeshia
Campaigns and Elections (6, 3) Tuesday (Odd)
Tusler, Ron (Chair)
Sanfelippo, Joe (Vice Chair)
Brandtjen, Janel
Macco, John
Sortwell, Shae
Murphy, David
Zamarripa, JoCasta*
Subeck, Lisa
Spreitzer, Mark
Children and Families (8, 4) Wednesday (Odd)
Snyder, Patrick (Chair)
Ramthun, Timothy (Vice Chair)
Vorpagel, Tyler
Kerkman, Samantha
Ballweg, Joan
Pronschinske, Treig
James, Jesse
Gundrum, Rick
Subeck, Lisa*
Billings, Jill
Bowen, David
Vining, Robyn
Colleges and Universities (10, 6) Thursday (Odd)
Murphy, David (Chair)
Tranel, Travis (Vice Chair)
Wittke, Robert
Quinn, Romaine
Summerfield, Rob