Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and Fourth Regular Session
  TUESDAY, May 21, 2019
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
hist101129Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 73 offered by Representative Wittke.
hist101111Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 159 offered by Representative Spreitzer.
hist101112Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 159 offered by Representative Spreitzer.
hist101113Assembly Amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 159 offered by Representative Spreitzer.
Administrative Rules
Relating to educator licenses for military spouses.
Submitted by Department of Public Instruction.
hist100294Report received from Agency, May 7, 2019.
hist101108To committee on Education.
Referred on May 21, 2019.
Relating to the parts of Chapter ETH 1 that have been ruled unconstitutional or have been deemd inconsistent with the new campaign finance law created by 2015 Act 117.
hist101109No action taken by committee on Campaigns and Elections on May 16, 2019.
hist101110To joint committee for review of Administrative Rules pursuant to s. 227.19 (5) (a), Wisconsin Statutes.
Referred on May 21, 2019.
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist100250Assembly Joint Resolution 46
Relating to: honoring Wisconsin native Megan Gustafson for an incredible college women's basketball career.
By Representatives B. Meyers, Bowen, Considine, Hebl, Milroy, Ohnstad, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Spreitzer, C. Taylor, Vruwink, Tusler and Skowronski; cosponsored by Senators Bewley, Ringhand, Tiffany and Wirch.
hist101091To committee on Rules.
hist100230Assembly Bill 221
Relating to: exempting from taxation the pension benefits of certain retired federal employees.
By Representatives Ohnstad, Kuglitsch, Subeck, Horlacher, Kolste, Skowronski, Milroy, Dittrich, Goyke, Kerkman, C. Taylor, Brandtjen, Stubbs, Pope, Fields, Sinicki and Vruwink; cosponsored by Senators Kooyenga, Risser, Wirch, Marklein, L. Taylor and Smith.
hist101092To committee on Ways and Means.
hist100288Assembly Bill 222
Relating to: revocation of operating privilege for certain offenses related to operating while intoxicated.
By Representative Spiros; cosponsored by Senator Wanggaard.
hist101093To committee on Judiciary.
hist100289Assembly Bill 223
Relating to: supplemental state aid for consolidated school districts and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Kitchens, Ballweg, Brandtjen, Horlacher, Kulp, Kurtz, Tittl and VanderMeer; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, Feyen and Nass.
hist101094To committee on Education.
hist100290Assembly Bill 224
Relating to: determining shared costs and the secondary cost ceiling for the purpose of general equalization aids for school districts.
By Representatives Kitchens, Novak and VanderMeer; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, Kooyenga, Nass and Olsen.
hist101095To committee on Education.
hist100291Assembly Bill 225
Relating to: allocation of early stage seed investment credit to offset taxes imposed on insurers.
By Representatives Zimmerman, Fields, Ott, Macco, Rohrkaste, Tauchen, Kulp, Murphy, Skowronski, Kuglitsch, Ramthun, Hutton, Thiesfeldt, Brandtjen, Ohnstad, Sinicki, Quinn, Crowley, Loudenbeck, Zamarripa, Vruwink, Haywood and Krug; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, L. Taylor, Cowles, Feyen, Tiffany, Olsen and Kooyenga.
hist101096To committee on Ways and Means.
hist100331Assembly Bill 226
Relating to: prohibiting food and beverages from being served in foam polystyrene packaging and providing a penalty.
By Representatives C. Taylor, Shankland, Stubbs, Milroy, Sargent, Billings, Considine, Subeck, Ohnstad, Pope, Anderson, Sinicki, Emerson and Neubauer; cosponsored by Senators Miller, Risser, Larson and Smith.
hist101097To committee on Consumer Protection.
hist100332Assembly Bill 227
Relating to: allowing local governments to regulate pesticides.
By Representatives C. Taylor, Shankland, Stubbs, Zamarripa, Sargent, Billings, Considine, Cabrera, Pope, Subeck, Ohnstad, Brostoff, Sinicki, Hebl, Anderson, Fields and Neubauer; cosponsored by Senators Miller, L. Taylor, Risser, Carpenter, Smith and Wirch.
hist101098To committee on Local Government.
hist100333Assembly Bill 228
Relating to: self-defense for victims of sex trafficking.
By Representatives Bowen, Ramthun, Haywood, Brostoff, Crowley, Dittrich, Emerson, Fields, Horlacher, Kulp, Sinicki, Snyder, Sortwell, Spreitzer, Stubbs, C. Taylor, Thiesfeldt, Vining and Vruwink; cosponsored by Senators Bernier, Johnson, Carpenter, Jacque, Kooyenga, Ringhand, Risser, Smith and Wanggaard.
hist101099To committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
Enrolled Bill
The following Assembly proposal, which has been approved by both the Assembly and Senate, has been enrolled by the Legislative Reference Bureau:
hist101075Assembly Bill 10