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Senator Fitzgerald, with unanimous consent, asked that all action be immediately messaged to the Assembly:
hist97630Senate Joint Resolution 6
hist97631Assembly Joint Resolution 3
hist97632Assembly Joint Resolution 8
hist97633Assembly Bill 4
Announcements, Adjournment Honors, and Remarks Under Special Privilege
Senator Wanggaard, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of fallen Milwaukee police office, Matthew Rittner. On February 6, Matthew was killed in the line of duty, while serving and protecting the people of his community. Joining the Milwaukee Police Department as a police aide in 2001, Matthew quickly rose through the ranks. He eventually earned the “Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor”, the highest award for bravery for law enforcement officers, after courageously helping to free hostages from a gunman. He was also a veteran of the US Marine Corps, serving two tours in the Middle East. Matthew was the perfect example of what it means to be a policeman, heroically guarding the vulnerable people in his community. It is a horrible crime when an officer is shot in the line of duty, but his family and friends should rest easier knowing that keeping people safe was Matthew’s passion. As a former law enforcement office himself, Senator Wanggaard knows he is not along in saying he feels as though he lost a brother. Police officers keep the public safe and are in irreplaceable part of our community. The effects of the loss of a single officer reverberates throughout the entire community and state. Not only was Matthew courageous, but he was also kind, caring, and decent. Thank you, Matthew Rittner, for your exemplary service and dedication to your community. You made a positive difference for the state of Wisconsin.
Senator Hansen, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of Bryan Rodriguez, a Milwaukee Department of Public Works employee who was killed in a hit and run accident on February 8.
Senator Wirch, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of his nephew, Ben Wirch. Ben swims for Indian Trail High School. He is just about a straight A student, plays in the band, and he qualified for the state championship finals at the Natatorium, so he will be swimming this Saturday. Good luck Ben.
Senator Shilling, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of the Senate Scholars, who have joined us here today.
Senator Tiffany, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of Bill Kelly from Antigo. Yesterday, Bill was honored as a Hometown Here in the State Assembly for his tireless work for the Salvation Army and his service to our country while stationed in the Philippines and Japan. Bill has worked with the Salvation Army for the past eighteen years. Fifteen years ago, Bill became the head of the bell ringers, bringing in $12,000. By 2015, they were raising $100,000 per year for the community. There is no doubt that Bill has made a big difference for Antigo. Senator Tiffany wants to commend Bill for his service to the community and our country. He is an inspiration to us all, and he is proud to honor him today.
Senator Schachtner, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of Lacy Ann Moreno, a St, Croix County dispatcher, who last week answered a 911 call from a woman who was short of breath and was in the midst of having a heart attack. Lacy Ann talked to her, comforted her, and she prayed with her. The woman, who was Senator Schachtner’s mother in law, passed away.
Senator L. Taylor, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of Matthew Rittner and his wife and son, as they grow through this unimaginable time.
Senator L. Taylor, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of Harvey Scales, who recently passed away. Harvey was an American R&B singer, songwriter, and producer who was born in Osceola, Arkansas, and grew up in Milwaukee, where he attended Roosevelt Middle School and North Division High School. He was known as “Twistin’ Harvey”, in the early 1960s. Scales had been active in the music industry since the 1960s, and composed songs for groups such as The Dells, The Dramatics, and The O’Jays. He is particularly notable for his co-authorship of the songs “Love-Itis” and “Disco Lady.” Once called Milwaukee’s “Godfather of Soul” by a local reporter, Scales credited James Brown and the sound of “funk” for influencing his music career. In 1961, he formed the group Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds, which released several singles. Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds initially recorded for Cuca Records, and later for Magic Touch Records, a Wisconsin-based label owned by Lenny LaCour. The band’s one hit was “Get Down”, backed with “Love-Itis”, which reached No. 32 on the R&B charts in 1967. Scales followed the career of Johnnie Taylor when Taylor moved to Columbia Records. Scales received national recognition for co-writing the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping single for Johnnie Taylor, “Disco Lady”. “Disco Lady” was the very first platinum single in the history of the Recording Industry Association of America, selling over two million copies. It was certified platinum on April 22, 1976. As a result, Scales is the first songwriter of a platinum single in America. Scales also co-wrote, with Bunny Sigler, “Once is Not Enough”, recorded by the O’Jays and, as sole composer, “ Be For Real With Me”, which was recorded by the Dells. In 2009, a compilation album of material by Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds, recorded for Magic Touch Records, was released by Soul-Tay-Shus Records as Love-Itis: All the Rare & Unreissued 45’s from the Vaults of Magic Touch: 1967-1977. Harvey Scales died on February 11, 2019 in Milwaukee. Wisconsin has lost a legend in the music industry.
Senator Taylor, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of the people that are doing the work on the streets in Milwaukee and Bryan Rodriguez and his family.
Senator Johnson, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of the people of Milwaukee. Milwaukee is known often for the less than two percent of the individuals who make the news for deaths, like Officer Matthew Rittner. Milwaukee has been hit really hard these past few weeks. Bryan Rodriguez was another loss. The strength and the love of Milwaukee residents, the way that they have come together, to support these families through fundraisers and things to help support these families is incredible.
Senator Smith, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate adjourn in honor of Dennis Beale, for his resiliency to overcome adverse situations, advocacy for students of color, and all he has done for students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Dennis grew up in a low-income, single parent household in Chicago. He attended UW-Eau Claire as a first generation college student. When he first started college, he was one of the only African Americans on campus. Dennis was determined to make Eau Claire more inclusive and diverse. Dennis received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Professional Development from UW-Eau Claire. As a graduate student, Dennis assisted with recruiting efforts as high schools in major cities such as his hometown of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the Twin Cities to bring students of color to campus. He then supported their success by creating mentorship programs, which included the University’s Black Male Empowerment group, He has mentored hundreds of students and continues doing so in his current role as Assistant Director of Blugold Beginnings, a program that serves low-income, underrepresented, and first generation college students. Last week, Dennis received a UW System Board of Regents’ 2019 Diversity Ward for all of this hard work. Senator Smith would like to congratulate Dennis Beale for making his their district a better place. It takes people like Dennis to enrich Wisconsin’s black history and move our state forward.
Senator Fitzgerald, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate stand adjourned pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1.
7:19 P.M.