2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
March 25, 2019 - Introduced by Representatives Rohrkaste, Gundrum, Ballweg,
Brandtjen, Brooks, Horlacher, Kulp, Magnafici, Mursau, Plumer,
Skowronski, Spiros, Thiesfeldt, Tusler, Wichgers and Murphy, cosponsored
by Senators Wanggaard, Feyen, Marklein and Nass. Referred to Committee
on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
AB135,1,3 1An Act to amend 941.295 (2) (d) 1.; and to create 941.295 (2g) (c) of the statutes;
2relating to: going armed with an electric weapon by private security
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, it is a Class H felony to carry an electric weapon (such as
a Taser). Current law provides exceptions to the prohibition for certain persons such
as law enforcement or correctional officers on official duty or persons with a license
to carry a concealed weapon. This bill creates an exception for a person who holds
a license or permit as a private detective, a private investigator, or private security
personnel while the person is on official duty if the person may carry a firearm while
on official duty.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB135,1 4Section 1. 941.295 (2) (d) 1. of the statutes is amended to read:
AB135,1,65 941.295 (2) (d) 1. A person specified in pars. (a) to (c), a person specified in sub.
6(2g) (c),
a licensee, or an out-of-state licensee.
AB135,2 7Section 2. 941.295 (2g) (c) of the statutes is created to read:
1941.295 (2g) (c) An individual who has a license or permit issued under s.
2440.26, who is on official duty, and who may carry a firearm under rules promulgated
3under s. 440.26 (3m).
AB135,2,44 (End)