2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
April 5, 2019 - Introduced by Representatives Kulp, VanderMeer, Mursau,
Edming, Spiros, Tusler, Thiesfeldt, Pronschinske and Skowronski,
cosponsored by Senators Nass, Carpenter, Bernier and Jacque. Referred to
Committee on Local Government.
AB150,1,3 1An Act to amend 45.85 (1), 45.85 (2) and 45.85 (3); and to create 20.485 (2) (cm)
2and 45.85 (2m) of the statutes; relating to: care of the graves of veterans and
3making an appropriation.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This bill requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to reimburse cities,
villages, and towns for costs incurred in the care of veterans' graves, subject to the
following limitations:
1. A city, village, or town may not receive more than $5 per grave per year.
2. All cities, villages, and towns located in the same county may not receive
more than a total of $10,000 under the bill per year.
For further information see the state and local fiscal estimate, which will be
printed as an appendix to this bill.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB150,1 4Section 1 . 20.005 (3) (schedule) of the statutes: at the appropriate place, insert
5the following amounts for the purposes indicated: - See PDF for table PDF
AB150,2 1Section 2 . 20.485 (2) (cm) of the statutes is created to read:
AB150,2,42 20.485 (2) (cm) Care of graves; local assistance. The amounts in the schedule
3for the purpose of making reimbursement payments to municipalities under s. 45.85
4(2m) for expenses incurred in caring for veterans' graves.
AB150,3 5Section 3. 45.85 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB150,2,186 45.85 (1) Every town board, village board, or and common council of every city
7shall at all times see that the graves and tombstones located in each cemetery owned
8by, operated by, maintained by, or under the control of the city, village, or town
of all
9veterans, including women's auxiliary organizations created by act of Congress, who
10shall at any time have served in any branch of the armed forces of the United States,
11and of the spouses or surviving spouses of all those veterans, receive proper and
12decent care, and may employ all necessary assistance to carry out this section. The
13Subject to reimbursement under subs. (2m) and (3), the expense of the care of the
14graves and tombstones shall be borne by the county city, village, or town that owns,
15operates, maintains, or controls the cemetery
where the graves are located, except
16where suitable care is otherwise provided. The amount of expense charged the
17county for the care may not exceed the charge made for the care of other graves in
18the same cemetery
AB150,4 19Section 4. 45.85 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
145.85 (2) The governing body specified in sub. (1) shall report to the county
2clerk of its county
Each city, village, or town may, on or before September 1 of each
3year, submit an application for reimbursement under sub. (2m) to the department.
4The application shall include
the locations of the graves cared for by the governing
city, village, or town under sub. (1), including the name and location of the
together with the names of the deceased and the amount claimed expended
7for care of the graves for the fiscal year from the previous July 1 to June 30.
AB150,5 8Section 5. 45.85 (2m) of the statutes is created to read:
AB150,3,129 45.85 (2m) (a) From the appropriation under s. 20.485 (2) (cm) and subject to
10the limitations under par. (b), the department shall reimburse each city, village, or
11town for the expenditure amounts shown in its application for reimbursement under
12sub. (2).
AB150,3,1813 (b) 1. All cities, villages, and towns located in the same county may not receive
14more than $10,000 under par. (a) in the aggregate in any fiscal year. If the aggregate
15amount of expenditures shown in all applications for reimbursement submitted
16under sub. (2) by cities, villages, and towns located in the same county exceeds
17$10,000 in a fiscal year, the department shall prorate the amounts paid under par.
18(a) among those cities, villages, and towns.
AB150,3,2019 2. No city, village, or town may receive a reimbursement under par. (a) in any
20fiscal year that exceeds $5 per grave cared for under sub. (1).
AB150,6 21Section 6. 45.85 (3) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB150,4,322 45.85 (3) The chairperson of the county board and the county clerk, upon
23receipt of the report under sub. (2), shall
of the county in which a cemetery is located
draw an order on the county treasurer for the amount of the expenses incurred
25in caring
expended for the care of graves, payable to the person or persons designated

1in the report as being entitled to the payment
under sub. (1) by the city, village, or
2town that owns, operates, maintains, or controls the cemetery for which the city,
3village, or town does not receive reimbursement under sub. (2m)
AB150,7 4Section 7 . Effective date.
AB150,4,65 (1) This act takes effect on the day after publication, or on the 2nd day after
6publication of the 2019 biennial budget act, whichever is later.
AB150,4,77 (End)