AB203,14 18Section 14 . Subchapter VI of chapter 6 [precedes 6.981] of the statutes is
19created to read:
AB203,8,2020 chapter 6
AB203,8,2121 subchapter VI
AB203,8,2322 absentee voting
23 efficiency option
AB203,9,14 246.981 Efficiency option. (1) (a) The municipal clerk shall complete the
25application as provided under s. 6.87 (1) and allow an elector to cast a ballot prior to

1election day by casting a ballot into an electronic voting system as provided under
2s. 6.80 at the municipal clerk's office, if the governing body of the municipality has
3adopted a resolution to allow such voting and the commission has certified the
4municipality under s. 6.982 (8) (a) to conduct such voting. An elector may vote under
5this subchapter during the time prescribed for an application made in person
6pursuant to s. 6.86 (1) (b), but only after the municipality has completed a successful
7public test of the programmed media necessary to vote under this subchapter and the
8test occurs no more than 10 days prior to the use of the media for voting under this
9subchapter. A municipality shall specify the locations, dates, and hours for voting
10and the location where results will be tallied on election night in the notice under s.
1110.01 (2) (e). The municipal clerk, or his or her designee, shall send the notice to the
122 major political parties, as defined in s. 13.46 (5), at the state level and, if applicable,
13at the county and local levels, on the same date as the notice is posted for the general
AB203,9,1815 (b) After the governing body of the municipality has adopted a resolution to
16allow the voting procedure under par. (a), the municipality shall use that procedure
17for all elections specified in the resolution. The municipal clerk or deputy municipal
18clerk shall supervise the voting procedure under par. (a).
AB203,9,2419 (c) This subchapter does not preclude the clerk from using absentee envelopes
20when the clerk or the elector determines that such use is necessary. Voting as
21provided under this subchapter may occur simultaneously or in conjunction with
22making an application in person using absentee envelopes, but the periods for voting
23as provided under this subchapter and for making an application in person using
24absentee envelopes need not be the same.
16.982 Administration. (1) (a) Votes cast under s. 6.981 may not be tabulated
2until the closing of the polls on election day, but the municipal clerk shall publish on
3the municipality's Internet site a daily tally of the total number of ballots cast under
4s. 6.981 in the municipality.
AB203,10,85 (b) No person may act in any manner that would give him or her the ability to
6know or to provide information on the accumulating or final results from the ballots
7cast under s. 6.981 before the close of the polls on election day. A person who violates
8this paragraph is guilty of a Class I felony.
AB203,10,119 (c) An elector who casts a ballot under s. 6.981 that is accepted by automatic
10tabulating equipment may not request that the ballot be returned to him or her as
11defective in order to cast a new ballot, as provided under s. 6.80 (2) (c).
AB203,10,2412 (d) The clerk or deputy clerk shall reconcile the ballots cast each day to ensure
13that the number of ballots cast equals the number issued. The reconciliation may
14include performing checks that do not involve examining the ballots cast, including
15checking data entry and verifying mathematical computations. If the clerk or deputy
16clerk is unable to reconcile the ballots, the incident log shall include the date and any
17other information necessary to clearly identify the reconciliation issue. The
18municipality shall post the daily reconciliation incident report on the municipality's
19Internet site at the close of each day during the period for voting under this
20subchapter. If the clerk or deputy clerk is unable to reconcile the ballots, the clerk
21or deputy clerk shall deliver all ballot bags of unreconciled ballots, along with the
22daily reconciliation incident reports, to the appropriate board of canvassers as
23provided under s. 7.53 and the board of canvassers shall complete the reconciliation
24using the methods provided under s. 7.51.
1(2) At all times when the process for voting under this subchapter is in use the
2municipality shall have at least 2 individuals present, not including a candidate on
3the ballot and not including an elector who is present only to vote. The tabulation
4equipment shall be in a location that is visible to the clerk or the clerk's designee and
5to at least one other person. Automatic tabulating equipment used for purposes of
6this subchapter shall be secured with a tamper-evident security seal and the clerk
7or the clerk's designee, in the presence of at least one witness, shall check the seals
8for tampering at the beginning and ending of each day designated for voting under
9s. 6.981. The areas where the programmed media and the ballots cast are housed
10shall be secured with tamper-evident security seals. At least 2 persons shall be
11present for any administrative process that requires access to a sealed area and the
12breaking of a tamper-evident security seal, including clearing a jammed ballot or
13emptying a full ballot bin. The clerk or clerk's designee shall daily document all
14checks and record any such activity and reason in which a seal is broken and replaced
15under this subsection. The clerk or clerk's designee shall obtain the signature of any
16witness who was present when any such activity is performed. When not in use the
17tabulation equipment and the cast ballots sealed inside tamper-evident security
18seal ballot bags shall be secured in a double-lock location such as a locked cabinet
19inside a locked office.
AB203,11,23 20(3) For purposes of s. 6.981, the municipal clerk or the clerk's designee shall
21issue ballots using the voter registration and voter information systems established
22and maintained by the elections commission in the same manner that the systems
23are used to issue and track absentee ballots.
1(4) An elector requesting to cast a ballot under s. 6.981 shall state aloud his or
2her name and address. The elector shall sign an absentee ballot certification request
3log for purposes of this subchapter.
AB203,12,9 4(5) (a) Except as provided in par. (b), the municipal clerk shall seal together all
5ballots cast in the municipality under s. 6.981 each day in a numbered and
6tamper-evident security seal ballot bag and document all such action and numbers.
7All such ballot bags shall remain in the clerk's possession, sealed and secured by the
8municipal clerk, until such time that they are needed at a central count location or
9for audit, review at the polling place, recount, or storage.
AB203,12,1310 (b) If the municipal clerk is required to report vote totals by ward, but the votes
11in multiple wards are processed through a single memory device and tabulator, the
12clerk shall not sort the ballots into wards before placing them into the bag described
13under par. (a).
AB203,12,20 14(6) Section 7.41, regarding the public's right to access the polling place; s. 6.82,
15regarding assisting electors; s. 5.25 (4) (a), regarding the availability of accessible
16systems; and s. 6.84 (1), regarding the privilege of absentee voting, apply to voting
17conducted under s. 6.981. The municipal clerk shall post at a conspicuous space near
18the tabulation equipment a notice, in 18 point type, warning the elector voting as
19provided under this subchapter that a ballot cast and accepted by the tabulation
20equipment may not be retrieved in order to spoil the ballot under s. 6.86 (5).
AB203,13,5 21(8) (a) The commission shall establish procedures for certifying municipalities
22to conduct voting under s. 6.981. The governing body of a municipality wishing to
23obtain certification under this paragraph shall send a plan for administering the
24process under this subchapter to the commission for review no later than 60 days
25prior to the first day on which the municipality would conduct voting under s. 6.981.

1The commission shall review the plan and give notice of approval or of changes
2needed to receive approval no later than 20 days after receiving the plan. The
3commission may send notice to the municipality by electronic mail. The commission
4shall certify a municipality to conduct voting under s. 6.981 if it determines that the
5municipality satisfies all of the following:
AB203,13,76 1. Its governing body has approved the use of voting under this subchapter, as
7provided under s. 6.981 (1) (a).
AB203,13,98 2. It is using equipment capable of capturing a digital image of both the front
9and back of the ballot.
AB203,13,1410 4. It has Internet access at each location where voting will be conducted under
11this subchapter so that an absentee ballot may be issued to an elector using the
12statewide voter registration system immediately prior to the elector casting his or
13her ballot and so that the clerk or clerk's designee may add new or changed
14registration information prior to issuing an absentee ballot.
AB203,13,1515 5. It is able to update its Internet site at the end of each day.
AB203,13,1716 6. It is capable of adequately securing all equipment and ballots in a
17double-lock location.
AB203,13,1918 7. Its plan for administering the process under this subchapter satisfies all
19other requirements set forth in this subchapter.
AB203,13,2320 (b) The commission shall establish procedures for the administration of this
21subchapter, including procedures to facilitate the secure transfer of memory devices
22from their use for voting under s. 6.981 to their use in tabulating the votes on election
1(c) A municipality certified by the commission to conduct voting under s. 6.981
2shall notify the county where the municipality is located at least 70 days before each
3election at which the municipality is using the option under s. 6.981.
AB203,15 4Section 15 . 7.50 (2) (em) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB203,14,135 7.50 (2) (em) Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, write-in votes
6shall only be counted if no candidates have been certified to appear on the ballot. If
7a candidate has been certified to appear on the ballot, write-in votes may only be
8counted for a candidate that files a registration statement under s. 11.0202 (1) (a) no
9later than noon on the Friday immediately preceding the election. If a candidate
10certified to appear on the ballot dies or withdraws before the election, all write-in
11votes shall be counted. When write-in votes are counted, every vote shall be counted
12for the candidate for whom it was intended, if the elector's intent can be ascertained
13from the ballot itself, the write-in section of the results tape, or the write-in report.
AB203,16 14Section 16. 7.52 (3) (b) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB203,15,715 7.52 (3) (b) When the board of absentee ballot canvassers finds that a
16certification is insufficient, that the applicant is not a qualified elector in the ward
17or election district, that the ballot envelope is open or has been opened and resealed,
18that the ballot envelope contains more than one ballot of any one kind, or that the
19certificate of a military or overseas elector who received an absentee ballot by
20facsimile transmission or electronic mail is missing, or if proof is submitted to the
21board of absentee ballot canvassers that an elector voting an absentee ballot has
22since died,
the board of absentee ballot canvassers shall not count the ballot. Each
23member of the board of absentee ballot canvassers shall endorse every ballot not
24counted on the back as “rejected (giving the reason)." The board of absentee ballot
25canvassers shall reinsert each rejected ballot into the certificate envelope in which

1it was delivered and enclose the certificate envelopes and ballots, and securely seal
2the ballots and envelopes in an envelope marked for rejected absentee ballots. The
3board of absentee ballot canvassers shall endorse the envelope as “rejected ballots,"
4with a statement of the ward or election district and date of the election, and each
5member of the board of absentee ballot canvassers shall sign the statement. The
6board of absentee ballot canvassers shall then return the envelope containing the
7ballots to the municipal clerk.
AB203,15,88 (End)