2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
January 8, 2020 - Introduced by Representatives Considine, Kulp, Milroy, Goyke,
Kolste, L. Myers, Vruwink, Zamarripa, Shankland, Hebl, Sargent,
Spreitzer, Neubauer, Anderson, Sinicki, Crowley, Billings, Pope, Ohnstad,
Cabrera, Stubbs, B. Meyers, Skowronski, Horlacher, James, Subeck and
Bowen, cosponsored by Senators Smith, Wanggaard, Erpenbach, Shilling,
Carpenter, Risser, Ringhand, Schachtner, Miller and Wirch. Referred to
Committee on Transportation.
AB714,1,2 1An Act to create 84.10305 of the statutes; relating to: designating and marking
2the Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers Memorial Highway.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, certain highway routes and bridges have been designated
and marked to memorialize, commemorate, or recognize certain individuals, groups,
or events. This bill directs the Department of Transportation to designate and mark
I 90 from the Wisconsin-Minnesota state line to the intersection with I 94 in Monroe
County as the “Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers Memorial Highway.”
For further information see the state fiscal estimate, which will be printed as
an appendix to this bill.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB714,1 3Section 1. 84.10305 of the statutes is created to read:
AB714,2,2 484.10305 Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers Memorial Highway. The
5department shall designate and mark the route of I 90, commencing at the
6Wisconsin-Minnesota state line and proceeding easterly to the intersection with I 94
7in Monroe County, as the “Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers Memorial

1Highway" in recognition of the service of the Ho-Chunk code talkers to the United
2States of America.
AB714,2,33 (End)