2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
January 16, 2020 - Introduced by Representatives Edming and B. Meyers,
cosponsored by Senators Petrowski and Bewley. Referred to Committee on
AJR119,1,2 1Relating to: proclaiming February 16 – 22, 2020, as American Birkebeiner Week in
AJR119,1,53 Whereas, the American Birkebeiner, held in Hayward, WI each year, is North
4America's largest cross-country ski race and contributes to the estimated $30 million
5in silent sports revenue generated in Sawyer and Bayfield Counties each year; and
AJR119,1,96 Whereas, over 13,500 cross-country skiers and an estimated 35,000 spectators
7gather in Hayward each February to celebrate and participate in the American
8Birkebeiner Ski Foundation's annual Birkie Week of Nordic skiing festivities, which
9includes events for all ages and abilities; and
AJR119,1,1110 Whereas, over 250,000 skiers have participated in American Birkebeiner Ski
11Foundation races since 1973; and
AJR119,1,1412 Whereas, the American Birkebeiner is a uniquely American tradition and the
13sole cross-country ski race representing the North American continent within the
14Worldloppet Ski Federation; and
1Whereas, the over 100 kilometer American Birkebeiner recreational trail was
2ranked the number one cross-country ski destination in the United States in 2016.
3This recreational corridor is utilized by an estimated 100,000 visitors annually and
4draws tourists to the northwestern Wisconsin region; and
AJR119,2,65 Whereas, Hayward and the surrounding rural communities host participants
6from 49 states and 24 countries (in 2019) to join in Birkie Week festivities; and
AJR119,2,87 Whereas, 2,500 volunteers from all points north, south, east, and west,
8volunteer at Birkie Week events in support of the 13,500 competitors; and
AJR119,2,99 Whereas, the American Birkebeiner is celebrating its 46th year in 2020; and
AJR119,2,1410 Whereas, the mission of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, a 501C3
11non-profit organization, is to conduct the finest international cross-country ski
12competitions, to serve as good stewards of the American Birkebeiner Trail system,
13and to support a healthy and active lifestyle among people of all ages and abilities;
14now, therefore, be it
AJR119,2,18 15Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the legislature, in
16recognition of the importance of the American Birkebeiner and its contribution to the
17State of Wisconsin and its citizens, does hereby proclaim February 16 – 22 to be
18American Birkebeiner Week in Wisconsin; and, be it further
AJR119,2,20 19Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide a copy of this resolution
20to the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation.
AJR119,2,2121 (End)