2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
October 4, 2019 - Introduced by Representative Plumer. Referred to Committee on
AR10,1,1 1Relating to: honoring the public service of Police Chief Mike Koval.
AR10,1,32 Whereas, after a long and successful career in public service, Mike Koval, the
3chief of the Madison Police Department, retired on September 30, 2019; and
AR10,1,64 Whereas, after graduating from UW-Madison with a degree in journalism,
5Koval went on to receive a law degree and also served as an FBI agent for two years;
AR10,1,87 Whereas, Koval first joined the Madison Police Department as an officer in
81983; and
AR10,1,119 Whereas, throughout his long career at MPD, he filled many roles, including
10field training supervisor, SWAT hostage negotiator, critical response team
11supervisor, primary legal instructor, and sergeant; and
AR10,1,1412 Whereas, as the sergeant of recruitment and training for 17 years, Koval
13focused on diversifying MPD and hiring and training officers that shared the
14department's progressive policing philosophy; and
1Whereas, for many years, Koval taught the constitutional law portion of MPD's
2academy, in which he reinforced the constitutional and statutory limits on police
3decision-making and emphasized respecting the rights of community members; and
AR10,2,54 Whereas, after three decades with the Madison Police Department, Koval was
5appointed chief in 2014; and
AR10,2,96 Whereas, as chief, Koval created a mental health unit and a community
7outreach and resource education unit, as well as neighborhood resource officer
8positions for every district, all with the goal of better serving the Madison
9community; and
AR10,2,1110 Whereas, through his leadership, passion, hard work, and dedication, Koval
11earned the trust and respect of his MPD family; now, therefore, be it
AR10,2,14 12Resolved by the assembly, That the members of the Wisconsin Assembly join
13in honoring the public service of Police Chief Mike Koval and wish him and his wife,
14Jane, all the best as they begin their next chapter.
AR10,2,1515 (End)