2019 - 2020 LEGISLATURE
August 8, 2019 - Introduced by Senators Craig, Stroebel, Darling, LeMahieu,
Tiffany, Fitzgerald, Feyen, Nass, Kooyenga, Kapenga, Wanggaard, Jacque
and Bernier, cosponsored by Representatives Kuglitsch, Sanfelippo,
August, Skowronski, Gundrum, Quinn, Katsma, Knodl, Brooks, Duchow,
Ramthun, Vorpagel, Krug, Brandtjen, James, Sortwell, Allen, Tauchen,
Thiesfeldt and Tusler. Referred to Committee on Insurance, Financial
Services, Government Oversight and Courts.
SJR59,1,3 1To create section 10 (1) (d) of article V of the constitution; relating to: prohibiting
2the governor from using the partial veto to increase state expenditures (first
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This proposed constitutional amendment, proposed to the 2019 legislature on
first consideration, amends the Wisconsin Constitution to prohibit the governor, in
exercising his or her partial veto power over an appropriations bill, from increasing
state expenditures for any purpose over that provided in the enrolled bill. Currently,
in exercising the partial veto power, the governor is limited only insofar as that he
or she may not create a new word by rejecting individual letters in the words of the
enrolled bill, and may not create a new sentence by combining parts of two or more
sentences of the enrolled bill.
A proposed constitutional amendment requires adoption by two successive
legislatures, and ratification by the people, before it can become effective.
SJR59,1,4 4Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That:
SJR59,1 5Section 1 . Section 10 (1) (d) of article V of the constitution is created to read:
1[Article V] Section 10 (1) (d) In approving an appropriation bill in part, the
2governor may not increase state expenditures for any purpose over that provided in
3the enrolled bill.
SJR59,2 4Section 2 . Numbering of new provisions. If another constitutional
5amendment ratified by the people creates the number of any provision created in this
6joint resolution, the chief of the legislative reference bureau shall determine the
7sequencing and the numbering of the provisions whose numbers conflict.
SJR59,2,10 8Be it further resolved, That this proposed amendment be referred to the
9legislature to be chosen at the next general election and that it be published for three
10months previous to the time of holding such election.
SJR59,2,1111 (End)