Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Consumer Protection

Clearinghouse Rule 17-074

Relating to regulation of retail food establishments and affecting small business.

Submitted by Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

August 27, 2019         Referred to Committee on Consumer Protection

September 26, 2019    Public Hearing Held

Present:       (8)        Representative Pronschinske; Representatives Tittl, Skowronski, Edming, VanderMeer, Oldenburg, Pope and Sinicki.

Absent:       (1)        Representative Cabrera.

Excused:     (0)        None.

Appearances For

·      Steve Ingham - WI DATCP

Appearances Against

·      None.

Appearances for Information Only

·      None.

Registrations For

·      Arthur Ness - WI DATCP

·      James Kaplanek - WI DATCP

·      Jason Culotta - Midwest Food Products Association

·      Brian Dake - WI Independent Businesses

·      Michelle Kussow - WI Grocers Association

·      Susan Quam - WI Restaurant Association

Registrations Against

·      None.

Registrations for Information Only

·      None.

October 29, 2019        no action taken


Allison Hetz

Committee Clerk