Adjourn, motion to:
acted on without debate, exceptions   70
always in order except while voting or while
assembly recessed for caucus
  70 (1)
call of assembly may be moved   83 (2)
precedence does not authorize such motion
while another member has floor
  70 (1)
privilege of motion or request   65 (1)(c), (d)
recess to next day: same as   69m
roll call required when assembly under call   86 (3)
simple motion not debatable or amendable   70 (3)
to fix time for convening, debatable and amendable   70 (4)
to fixed other time, debatable and amendable   70 (2)
two consecutive motions to adjourn not in order   69 (3)
in committee of the whole   8 (6), (7)
motion proper at any time, but not while voting or while
another member has floor or while assembly
recessed for caucus
  70 (1)
not debatable or amendable   70 (3)
roll call required for adjournment under call   86 (3)
simple motion adjourns to 9 a.m. (exception)   28
sine die adjournment (definition)   95 (79)
smaller number than quorum (majority of current
membership) may adjourn
  30 (3)
terminates call of the assembly (roll call required)   86 (3), 87 (3)
Administrative rules:
chief clerk files with agency, senate, and JCRAR   5 (1)(u)
committee for review of, see also ss. 13.56
and 13.565, stats.   3 (1)(r), 5 (1)(u), 9 (6), 20 (2)
how assigned to standing committee for review   3 (1)(r), 13 (2)
legislative history of review of, see Joint Rule 78
report by standing committee or JCRAR
after review of proposed   20
report with objections, referral to JCRAR   3 (1)(r)
scheduled for floor action:
report without recommendation, after 30 days   15 (6)
special ordered, after 40 days   33 (7)
withdrawal and rereferral of proposed administrative
rule by speaker   13 (2)(b)
withdrawal of proposed administrative rule,
speaker provides notice of
  3 (1)(r), 13 (2)(a)
Admission to floor of assembly chamber:
by action of assembly   25 (4)
limitations   25
open from one hour before daily session to one hour
after daily adjournment
  6 (1)(d)
presiding officer may grant   25 (4)
sergeant at arms supervises coming and going   6 (1)(b)
those permitted   25
Adverse and final disposition:
list of methods   49 (1)
motion not permitted twice on same day at same stage
of proposal   72
once determined, substantially similar proposal
not to originate in assembly in same session
  49 (2)
subject to reconsideration only in accordance with rule 73   49 (1)
Advice and consent of assembly   51m
presiding officer may take point of order under   62 (3)(b)
question under: may be expanded   69 (4)
Aging and long-term care, committee on (standing committee)   9 (1)(a)
Agriculture, committee on (standing committee)   9 (1)(b)
Amend a proposal or motion, precedence of motion for   65 (2)(g)
amendment to amendment   52 (2), 55 (2)(b)
changes not permitted in amendments prepared by
legislative reference bureau
  39 (3), 53
changing or amending rules requires assembly resolution   89 (1)
committee floor amendment adopting by, redrafting
by legislative reference bureau   53 (3)
committee reports out only if adoption recommended   18 (3)
conference report and attachments
not amendable,
see Joint Rule 3 (3)
considered on 2nd reading of proposal   46
corrective, by committee on assembly organization   23 (2), (3)
definition of “amendment"   95 (4)
delete and substitute, proposition indivisible   80 (3)
division, when improper   80 (2)
floor amendments, corrections in   53 (3)
list of amendments which are   54 (4)
list of assembly amendments which are not   54 (3)
history file to show name of member or committee
sponsoring   53 (1)
how offered by committee   18 (2), 53 (3)
in order on 2nd reading and before engrossment   52 (1)
in 3rd degree not accepted   52 (2)
may be offered on motion to fix time to which adjournment
is taken   70 (2)
may be revived by assembly while proposal is in
amendable stage   18 (3), 47 (2)
must be germane to proposal, see Germaneness of amendments
not permitted on resolution by committee on rules
for special order   33 (2)
numbering of   53 (1)
point of order under advisement:
removes amendment from consideration
  62 (3)(b)
presentation of floor amendments   53 (2), (3)
presented to chief clerk in proper form   53
provision of   53
reading at length, required when not provided   35 (2)
reconsideration of, proper only after reconsideration
of final action on proposal at that stage
  73 (4)(c)
rejected, not to be reoffered on same proposal   49 (1)(b)
revival by assembly when committee does not
recommend adoption   18 (3), 47 (2)
precedence of motion for   65 (2)(f)
senate amendment to assembly proposal   52 (2)(b)
simple, sequence of considering   55 (1)(d), (2)(b)
substitute, see Substitute amendment