2021-2022 Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly Bill 152

An Act to amend 101.12 (1) (intro.), 101.12 (2) and 101.19 (1g) (a); and to create 101.12 (2m) and 145.02 (5) (c) of the statutes; Relating to: examination of building plans for public buildings, public structures, and places of employment, and examination of plumbing plans. (FE)

Status: A - Regulatory Licensing Reform

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
4/28/2021 Asm.Representative Allen added as a coauthor255


Date / House Action Journal
3/10/2021 Asm.Introduced by Representatives J. Rodriguez, Dittrich, Born, Armstrong, Dallman, James, Kitchens, Kuglitsch, Macco, Magnafici, Murphy, Rozar, Schraa, Skowronski, Spiros, Summerfield, Tauchen, Tittl, Tranel, Vorpagel, Wichgers, Wittke and Zimmerman;
cosponsored by Senators Roth, Stroebel, Cowles, Kooyenga, Jacque and Darling
3/10/2021 Asm.Read first time and referred to Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform125
3/12/2021 Asm.Fiscal estimate received 
3/12/2021 Asm.Representative Edming added as a coauthor137
4/2/2021 Asm.Representative Knodl added as a coauthor187
4/16/2021 Asm.Representative Loudenbeck added as a coauthor245
4/27/2021 Asm.Public hearing held 
4/28/2021 Asm.Representative Allen added as a coauthor255
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