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Period ending December 30, 2022
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Abortion-inducing drug regimen: informed consent requirements and hospital, clinic, or other facility reporting requirement [vetoed] - SB591
Child born alive after abortion: requirements of health care providers present and criminal penalties created, damage provisions [vetoed] - SB16
DHS prohibited from certifying a MA provider that is a private entity providing abortion services, federal waiver provision [vetoed] - SB503
Selective abortions and disability-selective abortion prohibited; civil remedies and injunctive relief provisions [vetoed] - SB593
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Mike Johnson life care and early intervention services grants re HIV-related services: use of grant funds expanded - Act 226
administration department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of — Agency and general functions
Architects and engineers: selection by committee for state projects modified [vetoed] - AB643
DOA management of information technology, outdated terminology, and certain technology purchases clarifications (remedial legislation suggested by DOA) - Act 250
Elections Commission annual report required re failures to comply with certain elections-related laws by the Commission, DOT, DOC, and DHS; JCF duties [vetoed] - SB942
FTE position transfers between certain departments [Sec. 9101 (1), 9119 (1), 9150 (1)] - Act 58
License to conduct a 50/50 raffle not required for qualified organizations - Act 106
Opioid and methamphetamine data system: DOA to establish, collect data from other departments, and submit report to JCF - Act 181
Race and sex stereotyping in training provided to state and local government employees prohibited; penalties and civil action provisions [vetoed] - AB414
State Capitol building: DOA directed to open it to the public [AJR1] - JR 2
Transfer of employees between executive branch agencies: DOA Secretary authorized to make, expires June 30, 2021 [vetoed] - AB1
Type 1 juvenile correctional facility in Milwaukee County: funding, community support for site selection, report to JCF, and future use of Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake School provisions - Act 252
UI law: DWD to update IT systems, civil liability exemption for entities re COVID-19, waiting period suspension continued, noncharging of benefits, eligibility when participating in a work-share program, and certain extended benefit requirement waived - Act 4
administration department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of — Boards and other subdivisions
Correctional officers and correctional sergeants: supplemental pay under set conditions [Sec. 9101 (5)] [partial veto] - Act 58
LTE hours: director of Bureau of Merit Recruitment and Selection may adjust during set period [vetoed] - AB1
administration department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of — Budget and fiscal issues
DOA grants to political subdivisions to combat crime re additional policing, strategic planning, uniformed beat patrol, and public safety goals; DOJ and report provisions; Governor to allocate certain federal moneys [vetoed] - AB777
DOA lapse to general fund [Sec. 9201 (2)] [vetoed] - Act 58
DOA transfer to transportation fund [Sec. 9201 (3m)] - Act 58
DOR required to maintain a website displaying information re GPR collection and purposes for which it was spent, DOA duties - Act 66
DWD clearing account deficit [Sec. 9101 (2)] [vetoed] - Act 58
Employment grant program: matching funds modified [Sec. 15] - Act 58
Grants to American Indian tribes or bands for fiscal year 2021-22 [Sec. 11, 12, 78, 79, 84, 85, 9401 (1)] - Act 58
Personal property tax repealed by other legislation: payments to local taxing jurisdictions to compensate [Sec. 93, 9125 (1)] - Act 58
Service award program appropriation [Sec. 13, 14, 81, 82] - Act 58
Youth wellness center funding [Sec. 80] - Act 58
administrative rulesAdministrative rules, see also specific agency or department; Supreme Court — Rule-making orders issued by
Child support: excluding certain military allowances in determining gross income [Admin.Code DCF 150.02] - Act 160
COVID-19 pandemic: state government actions to address; emergency rule procedures provisions [vetoed] - AB1
Dental auxiliary: certification of expanded functions; emergency rule provisions - Act 254
Discharged military medical personnel who recently served in certain medical positions may temporarily practice certain skilled health services without a license under supervision; conditions specified; emergency rule provision - Act 158
Dogs on the premises of certain retail food establishments: DATCP cannot promulgate rule prohibiting - Act 143
Driver safety plan re intoxicated driver assessment: administrative rules modified to include medication-assisted treatment [Admin.Code DHS 62.07] - Act 155
Enteral nutrition products administered through a tube: remove prior authorization from DHS for MA reimbursement [Admin.Code DHS 107.10] - Act 125
Family support repealed and child support formulas changed [Admin.Code DCF 150 (title), 150.02, 150.03, 150.035, 150.04] - Act 35
Group physical therapy reimbursement under MA: administrative rule changes [Admin.Code DHS 107.16] - Act 225
Home inspector regulation revisions; DSPS and emergency rule provisions - Act 17
Innovative Program Delivery, Office of, created in DOT; alternative project delivery, design-build projects, and emergency rules provisions; report required [Sec. 10, 288-319, 326, 9144 (6), (7)] [297, 298, 306, 319 -- partial veto; 10, 290, 293, 301, 303, 308, 326, 9144 (7) -- vetoed] - Act 58
Lake Michigan and Lake Superior: exempting facilities from licensing and operating plan requirements for disposal of dredged materials, conditions and emergency rule provisions - Act 93
Meter installation, repair, or replacement: water and combined water and sewer public utility exemption from certificate of authority [Admin.Code PSC 184.03] - Act 86
Pawnbroker notices re sale and surplus: email or text message allowed; administrative rule provision [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 77.06] - Act 203
Pharmacy technicians: registration with Pharmacy Examining Board required; emergency rules provision - Act 100
Program sponsor revisions re continuing education for chiropractors, chiropractic radiological technicians, and chiropractic technicians; nutritional counseling certificate approval provisions [Admin.Code Chir 12.03] - Act 253