2021 - 2022 LEGISLATURE
February 17, 2022 - Offered by Representatives Petersen, Cabral-Guevara and
SB394-AA1,1,21 At the locations indicated, amend the bill, as shown by senate substitute
2amendment 1, as follows:
SB394-AA1,1,3 31. Page 44, line 19: delete “(3)" and substitute “(3m)".
SB394-AA1,1,4 42. Page 46, line 14: delete “(3)" and substitute “(3m)".
SB394-AA1,1,6 53. Page 47, line 7: delete “Practice; titles" and substitute “ License required;
6use of titles
SB394-AA1,1,7 74. Page 47, line 13: delete “par." and substitute “sub. (3m)".
SB394-AA1,1,9 85. Page 48, line 7: delete the material beginning with that line and ending with
9line 10 and substitute:
SB394-AA1,2,2 10(3m) Practice requirements and limitations. (a) 1. An advanced practice
11registered nurse licensed under this section may, except as provided in subd. 2. and

1par. (b), practice advanced practice registered nursing only in collaboration with a
2physician or dentist.
SB394-AA1,2,43 2. Subdivision 1. does not apply to an advanced practice registered nurse with
4a certified nurse-midwife specialty designation.
SB394-AA1,2,145 (b) 1. An advanced practice registered nurse to whom par. (a) 1. applies may,
6except as provided in pars. (bg) 1. and (c), practice advanced practice registered
7nursing in a recognized role without being supervised by or collaborating with, and
8independent of, a physician or dentist if the board verifies, upon application of the
9advanced practice registered nurse, that the advanced practice registered nurse has
10completed 3,840 clinical hours of advanced practice registered nursing practice in
11that recognized role while working with a physician or dentist during those 3,840
12hours of practice. For purposes of this subdivision, during the completion of these
13hours, the advanced practice registered nurse must have continuously satisfied all
14of the following requirements:
SB394-AA1,2,1615 a. Maintained a mutual, professional relationship with at least one physician
16or dentist.
SB394-AA1,2,2017 b. Maintained, and provided to the board upon request, documentation
18indicating the relationships the advanced practice registered nurse had with one or
19more physicians or dentists to deal with issues outside of his or her licensed scope
20of practice.
SB394-AA1,3,221 c. Maintained evidence that he or she was subject to a quality assurance
22program, peer review process, or other similar program or process that was
23implemented for and designed to ensure the provision of competent and quality
24patient care and that also included participation by a physician or dentist. Such a
25program or process may include a program or process administered through the

1advanced practice registered nurse's employer, hospital, ambulatory surgery center,
2clinic, or other outpatient facility.
SB394-AA1,3,63 2. For purposes of subd. 1., hours of advanced practice registered nursing
4practice may include the lawful practice of advanced practice registered nursing
5outside this state or the lawful practice of advanced practice registered nursing in
6this state prior to the effective date of this subdivision .... [LRB inserts date].
SB394-AA1,3,107 (bg) 1. An advanced practice registered nurse may provide pain management
8services only while working in a collaborative relationship with a physician. Except
9as provided in subd. 2., this subdivision applies regardless of whether the advanced
10practice registered nurse has qualified for independent practice under par. (b).
SB394-AA1,3,1411 2. Except as provided in par. (c), subd. 1. does not apply to an advanced practice
12registered nurse who is providing pain management services in a hospital, as defined
13in s. 50.33 (2), or a clinic associated with a hospital, and who has qualified for
14independent practice under par. (b).
SB394-AA1,3,2015 (bm) For purposes of pars. (a) 1. and (bg) 1., a collaborative relationship is a
16process in which an advanced practice registered nurse is working with a physician
17or dentist, in each other's presence when necessary, to deliver health care services
18within the scope of the advanced practice registered nurse's training, education, and
19experience. The advanced practice registered nurse shall document such a
20collaborative relationship.”.
SB394-AA1,3,21 216. Page 48, line 11: delete “2." and substitute “(c)".
SB394-AA1,3,22 227. Page 51, line 7: after that line insert:
SB394-AA1,3,23 23“(am) The board may promulgate rules to implement sub. (3m) (b).”.