Period ending June 7, 2022
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S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Addresses to the Legislature

Bewley, Sen. Janet (introduction of newly elected members)
S 1

Bewley, Sen. Janet (remarks of the Minority Leader)
S 5

Holsey, Shannon (2022 State of the Tribes address)

Hometown Hero Award recipients

Davis, Chief Steven A. (City of Madison Fire Department)

First responders from almost every Assembly District honored

Fry, Dick (Milton Area Veterans Memorial)

Gatlin, Dresidan (Maple Tree Elementary School Community Learning Center)

Harris, Jim

Koepp, Ernie (Poynette-Dekorra Area Firefighter)

Larson, Rhonda (Touched Twice founder)

Nation, Cecilia (Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver)

Otte, Tom and Christine (Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Fond du Lac chapter)

Otto, Alena

Saddy, Sergeant Michael

Schoen, Doug

Stine, Clarence (World War II veteran)

Strehlow, Adam (Conservation Warden)

Swan, Assistant Chief Brian (Amherst Fire District)

Voss, Chief Victor (Amherst Fire District)

Williams, Lt. Chris (West Allis Fire Department)

Wishert, Elmer (World War II veteran)

Wisner, Heather (Sawyer County Search and Rescue)

Johnson, John, Sr. (President, Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians)

Kapenga, Sen. Chris (remarks of the President)

LeMahieu, Sen. Devin (introduction of newly elected members)
S 1

LeMahieu, Sen. Devin (remarks of the Majority Leader)
S 5

Thompson, Gov. Tommy G.

Vos, Rep. Robin (remarks by the Speaker)
A 5

Adjournment of sessions

Final adjournment of January 2021 special session
A 102; S 142

Final adjournment of February 2021 extraordinary session
A 184; S 229

Final adjournment of May 2021 special session
A 299; S 327

Final adjournment of June 2021 extraordinary session
A 430; S 443

Final adjournment of July 2021 special session
A 432; S 440

Final adjournment of March 2022 special session
A 881; S 855

Appointments, Advice and Consent of the Senate


Educational Appointments continued from the 2019-20 session

Executive Appointments continued from the 2019-20 session


Nominations (cont’d)

Professional Standards Council for Teachers: list of individuals to remove from those awaiting confirmation

Professional Standards Council for Teachers: list of nominees per s. 15.377 (8), Wis.Stats.

Remove appointments from consideration
S 23, 64, 78, 86, 110, 112,

Remove appointments (cont’d)