State of Wisconsin
Office of the Senate President
June 22, 2021
The Honorable, the Senate:
hist136483Pursuant to Senate Rule 36 (2)(c) and section 13.52 (6), Wisconsin Statutes, the Co-Chairs of the Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions shall prepare and submit a report in writing, on Senate Bill 111, relating to state finances and appropriations, constituting the executive budget act of the 2021 legislature..
Thank you for prompt attention to this matter.
State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Ethics Commission
June 22, 2021
The Honorable, the Senate:
Pursuant to Wis. Stats. §13.685 (7), we are providing the enclosed information. Please visit the Wisconsin Ethics Commission’s Eye on Lobbying website, https://lobbying.wi.gov, for more detailed information about lobbyists, lobbying principals (organizations), and state agency liaisons.
Early, Annie   TruGreen
Shepherd, Jeremey   TruGreen
Weitzel, Jaclyn   Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin  
Messages from the Assembly
By Edward A. Blazel, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has
Passed and asks concurrence in:
hist136990Assembly Bill 56
hist136847Assembly Bill 73
hist136848Assembly Bill 74
hist136849Assembly Bill 75
hist136850Assembly Bill 102
hist136851Assembly Bill 132
hist136852Assembly Bill 163
hist136991Assembly Bill 203
hist136853Assembly Bill 218
hist136854Assembly Bill 220
hist136855Assembly Bill 270
hist136856Assembly Bill 276
hist136857Assembly Bill 297
hist136858Assembly Bill 300
hist136859Assembly Bill 301
hist136860Assembly Bill 302
hist136861Assembly Bill 325
hist136992Assembly Bill 367
hist136993Assembly Bill 371
hist136994Assembly Bill 374
hist136995Assembly Bill 383
hist136996Assembly Bill 388
hist136997Assembly Bill 389
hist136998Assembly Bill 390
hist136999Assembly Bill 391
hist137000Assembly Bill 392
hist137001Assembly Bill 393
Concurred in:
hist136829Senate Bill 14
hist136830Senate Bill 15
hist136831Senate Bill 66
hist136832Senate Bill 70
hist136833Senate Bill 84
hist136834Senate Bill 91
hist136835Senate Bill 119
hist136836Senate Bill 151
hist136837Senate Bill 160
hist136838Senate Bill 174
hist136839Senate Bill 187
hist136840Senate Bill 198
hist136841Senate Bill 204
hist136842Senate Bill 205
hist136985Senate Bill 210
hist136843Senate Bill 212
hist136844Senate Bill 248
hist136986Senate Bill 269
hist136845Senate Bill 292
hist136846Senate Bill 302
hist136987Senate Bill 329
Amended and concurred in as amended:
hist136989Senate Bill 120 (Assembly Amendment 1 adopted)
hist136988Senate Bill 203 (Assembly Amendment 1 adopted)
Messages from the Assembly Considered
Assembly Bill 293
Relating to: restrictions on enforcing federal laws regulating firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition, the use of public resources to confiscate firearms, and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Pronschinske, August, Armstrong, Brandtjen, Cabral-Guevara, Callahan, Dallman, Edming, Gundrum, Horlacher, James, Kuglitsch, Magnafici, Moses, Murphy, Neylon, Novak, Rozar, Schraa, Skowronski, Sortwell, Steffen, Summerfield, Swearingen, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, VanderMeer, Vorpagel, Wichgers, Jagler, Tauchen, Allen and Born; cosponsored by Senators Felzkowski, Bernier, Jacque, Marklein, Nass, Roth and Wanggaard.
hist136502Read first time and referred to the committee on Senate Organization.
Senator LeMahieu, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate stand adjourned until Wednesday, June 23, 2021.