hist156410Senate Bill 681
hist156411Senate Bill 1012
hist156407Senate Bill 468
hist156412Assembly Bill 82
hist156413Assembly Bill 122
hist156414Assembly Bill 152
hist156415Assembly Bill 316
hist156416Assembly Bill 446
hist156417Assembly Bill 569
hist156418Assembly Bill 578
hist156419Assembly Bill 597
hist156420Assembly Bill 607
hist156421Assembly Bill 643
hist156422Assembly Bill 727
hist156423Assembly Bill 759
hist156424Assembly Bill 765
hist156425Assembly Bill 777
hist156426Assembly Bill 820
hist156427Assembly Bill 831
hist156428Assembly Bill 832
hist156429Assembly Bill 834
hist156430Assembly Bill 842
hist156431Assembly Bill 874
hist156432Assembly Bill 885
hist156433Assembly Bill 888
hist156434Assembly Bill 903
hist156435Assembly Bill 909
hist156436Assembly Bill 910
hist156437Assembly Bill 911
hist156438Assembly Bill 912
hist156439Assembly Bill 914
hist156440Assembly Bill 932
hist156441Assembly Bill 940
hist156442Assembly Bill 941
hist156443Assembly Bill 943
hist156444Assembly Bill 953
hist156445Assembly Bill 960
hist156446Assembly Bill 962
hist156447Assembly Bill 963
hist156448Assembly Bill 965
hist156449Assembly Bill 966
hist156450Assembly Bill 967
hist156451Assembly Bill 968
hist156452Assembly Bill 970
hist156453Assembly Bill 975
hist156454Assembly Bill 984
hist156455Assembly Bill 994
hist156456Assembly Bill 995
hist156457Assembly Bill 1020
hist156458Assembly Bill 1021
hist156459Assembly Bill 1022
hist156460Assembly Bill 1023
hist156461Assembly Bill 1024
hist156462Assembly Bill 1025
hist156463Assembly Bill 1026
hist156464Assembly Bill 1027
hist156465Assembly Bill 1028
hist156466Assembly Bill 1029
hist156467Assembly Bill 1030
hist156468Assembly Bill 1031
hist156469Assembly Bill 1032
hist156470Senate Joint Resolution 84
hist156471Senate Bill 213
hist156472Senate Bill 259
hist156473Senate Bill 392
hist156474Senate Bill 394
hist156475Senate Bill 519
hist156476Senate Bill 520
Action Messaged.
Motions may be offered
Senator Smith asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and Senate Bill 361 be withdrawn from the committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform and taken up at this time.
Senator LeMahieu objected.
Senator Smith moved that Senate Bill 361 be withdrawn from the committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform.
Senate Bill 361
Relating to: regulating and addressing PFAS, providing an exemption from rule-making procedures, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
hist156477The question was: Shall Senate Bill 361 be withdrawn from the committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform?
The ayes and noes were demanded and the vote was: ayes, 11; noes, 19; absent or not voting, 3; as follows:
Ayes - Senators Agard, Bewley, Carpenter, Johnson, Larson, Pfaff, Ringhand, Roys, Smith, L. Taylor and Wirch - 11.
Noes - Senators Bradley, Cowles, Darling, Felzkowski, Feyen, Jacque, Jagler, Kapenga, Kooyenga, LeMahieu, Marklein, Nass, Petrowski, Roth, Stafsholt, Stroebel, Testin, Wanggaard and Wimberger - 19.
Absent or not voting - Senators Ballweg, Bernier and Erpenbach - 3.
Refused to withdraw.
Senator Erpenbach, with unanimous consent, asked to be recorded as voting “Aye” on the question of withdrawing Senate Bill 361 from the committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform.
hist156478Senator Petrowski, with unanimous consent, asked that the rules be suspended and Assembly Bill 887 be withdrawn from the committee on Senate Organization and taken up at this time.
Assembly Bill 887
Relating to: an addition to the 2021-23 Authorized State Building Program for the construction of additional columbarium units at the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery.
hist156479Read a second time.
hist156480Ordered to a third reading.