2021 - 2022 LEGISLATURE
June 14, 2021 - Introduced by Representatives Cabrera, Spreitzer, Neubauer,
Snodgrass, Anderson, Conley, Considine, Emerson, Hebl, Hesselbein,
Hintz, Hong, Milroy, Moore Omokunde, Ohnstad, Pope, S. Rodriguez,
Shankland, Shelton, Sinicki, Stubbs, Subeck and Vruwink, cosponsored by
Senators Carpenter, Bewley, Larson, Ringhand, Roys, Smith, L. Taylor and
Wirch. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AJR63,1,2 1Relating to: recognizing June 28, 2021, as the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall
AJR63,1,43 Whereas, June 28, 2021, marks 52 years since the event known as the
4Stonewall Uprising occurred, a pivotal event in the LGBTQ rights movement; and
AJR63,1,65 Whereas, on June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village
6in New York City, was raided by the New York City police; and
AJR63,1,87 Whereas, during the 1960s, homosexuality was illegal in most states and gay
8bars like the Stonewall Inn served as a safe space for the LGBTQ community; and
AJR63,1,129 Whereas, the raid sparked outrage among the bar's patrons and members of the
10community, who had grown tired of regular police raids of gay bars, resulting in six
11days of protests and clashes between law enforcement and thousands of LGBTQ
12individuals; and
AJR63,1,1513 Whereas, Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman and prominent trans
14activist, and Stormé DeLarverie, are recognized as two of the main leaders of the
15uprising; and
1Whereas, the uprising brought awareness to the injustices experienced by
2LGBTQ individuals and sparked LGBTQ activism and the LGBTQ rights movement
3in the United States, including the formation of the first gay rights groups; and
AJR63,2,54 Whereas, the first gay pride parade was held one year after the uprising, on
5June 28, 1970; and
AJR63,2,76 Whereas, June is recognized as LGBTQ Pride month to commemorate the
7uprising and progress made by the LGBTQ community; and
AJR63,2,108 Whereas, in 2016, President Obama designated the Stonewall Inn and
9surrounding area as a national monument, becoming the first national monument
10to commemorate LGBTQ history; and
AJR63,2,1311 Whereas, the Stonewall Uprising is viewed as a watershed moment for the gay
12rights movement in the United States as it served as the catalyst for a decades-long
13movement for equal rights and protections for LGBTQ people; now, therefore, be it
AJR63,2,16 14Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the members of the
15Wisconsin Legislature recognize June 28, 2021, as the 52nd Anniversary of the
16Stonewall Uprising.
AJR63,2,1717 (End)