2021 - 2022 LEGISLATURE
February 15, 2022 - Introduced by Representatives Hintz, Spreitzer, Subeck,
Emerson, Shelton, Anderson, Ohnstad, Haywood, Riemer, Doyle, Brostoff,
S. Rodriguez, Goyke, Hong, Snodgrass, Billings, Andraca, Pope,
Hesselbein, Considine, Conley, Ortiz-Velez, L. Myers, Vining, Neubauer, B.
, Sinicki, Shankland, Cabrera, Hebl and Baldeh. Referred to
Committee on Campaigns and Elections.
AR28,1,2 1Relating to: withdrawing authorization of Wisconsin State Assembly partisan
2election review efforts.
AR28,1,53 Whereas, the legitimacy of the American form of government depends on
4citizens' widespread confidence in the fairness of elections and acceptance of election
5results; and
AR28,1,76 Whereas, audits, recounts, official canvasses, and courts have all resoundingly
7confirmed the results of our free and fair elections in Wisconsin; and
AR28,1,108 Whereas, the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau conducted a review of
9election administration in 2020 and confirmed that Wisconsin's elections were fair,
10secure, and accurate; and
AR28,1,1211 Whereas, the vast majority of Wisconsinites have expressed confidence in
12Wisconsin's 2020 election; and
AR28,1,1513 Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans have undermined public confidence in
14Wisconsin's elections by fueling uncertainty about which presidential candidate won
15the 2020 election in Wisconsin; and
1Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans have tried to certify false presidential
2electors; and
AR28,2,43 Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans have participated in lawsuits to overturn the
4results of the 2020 presidential election; and
AR28,2,65 Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans asked then-Vice President Pence to refuse to
6certify the 2020 presidential election results; and
AR28,2,107 Whereas, Assembly Republicans hand picked someone who claimed the 2020
8election was stolen and who admits he does not have “a comprehensive
9understanding or even any understanding of how elections work” to lead the
10Assembly Republicans' own partisan election review effort; and
AR28,2,1311 Whereas, Assembly Republicans' investigation into Wisconsin's 2020 election
12pursuant to 2021 Assembly Resolution 15 has been described by experts as
13“harmful,” “amateurish,” “uncoordinated,” “ irresponsible,” and “partisan”; and
AR28,2,1614 Whereas, some Assembly Republicans have called for the state legislature to
15illegally decertify Wisconsin's presidential election thereby throwing out the votes
16of more than three million Wisconsinites; and
AR28,2,1917 Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans approved the wasteful spending of $676,000
18of taxpayer money for a partisan election review without a scope statement to guide
19its work; and
AR28,2,2320 Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans have supported felony charges for Wisconsin
21Elections Commission board members, including the Republicans, who only ensured
22that certain older voters could exercise their constitutional right to vote in the 2020
23elections during the worldwide pandemic; and
1Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans have advocated to remove the nonpartisan
2Wisconsin Elections Commission and instead have politicians in the legislature
3administer elections; and
AR28,3,64 Whereas, Wisconsin Republicans have taken repeated actions since the 2020
5presidential election that undermine public confidence in our elections and actively
6harm our democracy; now, therefore, be it
AR28,3,8 7Resolved by the assembly, That the Wisconsin Assembly hereby withdraws
8its approval of 2021 Assembly Resolution 15; and, be it further
AR28,3,10 9Resolved, That the Wisconsin Assembly hereby eliminates the Office of
10Special Counsel; and, be it further
AR28,3,14 11Resolved, That the Wisconsin Assembly terminates the employment of
12Michael Gableman and all other individuals and organizations employed by and
13contracted with the Office of Special Counsel and the Assembly Committee on
14Campaigns and Elections; and, be it further
AR28,3,17 15Resolved, That the Wisconsin Assembly affirms the results of the 2020
16presidential election in Wisconsin and denounces efforts to throw out the votes of
17Wisconsin citizens; and, be it further
AR28,3,21 18Resolved, That the Wisconsin Assembly condemns all efforts and all persons
19attempting to charge members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission with criminal
20conduct for any actions the Wisconsin Elections Commission took in any prior
AR28,3,2222 (End)