2021 - 2022 LEGISLATURE
January 28, 2021 - Introduced by Senators Jacque, Wanggaard, Felzkowski,
Marklein and Nass, cosponsored by Representatives Cabral-Guevara,
Spiros, Armstrong, Brandtjen, Callahan, Dittrich, Edming, Knodl, Moses,
Murphy, Rozar, Wichgers and Zimmerman. Referred to Committee on
Judiciary and Public Safety.
SB53,1,2 1An Act to amend 943.10 (1m) (intro.) of the statutes; relating to: entering
2certain places with intent to commit battery and providing a penalty.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, it is a Class F felony to enter a dwelling or certain other
places with intent to steal or commit a felony therein. Under the bill, it is also a Class
F felony to enter one of those places with intent to commit battery that is
misdemeanor battery rather than felony battery. Under current law, the penalty for
a Class F felony is a fine not to exceed $25,000 or imprisonment not to exceed 12 years
and six months, or both.
Because this bill creates a new crime or revises a penalty for an existing crime,
the Joint Review Committee on Criminal Penalties may be requested to prepare a
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
SB53,1 3Section 1. 943.10 (1m) (intro.) of the statutes is amended to read:
SB53,2,24 943.10 (1m) (intro.) Whoever intentionally enters any of the following places
5without the consent of the person in lawful possession and with intent to steal or

1commit a felony or a violation of s. 940.19 (1) or 940.195 (1) in such place is guilty of
2a Class F felony:
SB53,2,33 (End)