2021 - 2022 LEGISLATURE
March 16, 2021 - Introduced by Senators Carpenter, Agard, Bewley, Erpenbach,
Johnson, Larson, Ringhand, Roys and Smith, cosponsored by
Representatives Neubauer, Cabrera, Snodgrass, Spreitzer, Anderson,
Baldeh, Billings, Bowen, Brostoff, Conley, Considine, Drake, Emerson,
Hebl, Hesselbein, Hong, B. Meyers, Pope, Riemer, S. Rodriguez, Shankland,
Shelton, Sinicki, Subeck, Vining and Vruwink. Referred to Committee on
Senate Organization.
SJR18,1,2 1Relating to: proclaiming March 31, 2021, as Wisconsin's Transgender Day of
SJR18,1,53 Whereas, International Transgender Day of Visibility, which occurs annually
4on March 31st, is a day set aside to acknowledge, celebrate, and elevate transgender
5and nonbinary people across the world and here in Wisconsin; and
SJR18,1,86 Whereas, transgender and nonbinary individuals have achieved many great
7successes in fighting discrimination, and continue in their efforts towards equality
8and fairness by combating indignity with dignity; and
SJR18,1,109 Whereas, the stories of Alina Boyden and Shannon Andrews show us that
10perseverance can lead to systemic change and better conditions for all; and
SJR18,1,1411 Whereas, Elle Halo works to help transgender people acquire access to health
12care, to improve others' mental and physical well-being, to raise awareness of issues
13affecting gender-nonconforming people of color, and to prevent the spread of HIV
14and AIDS; and
1Whereas, transgender and nonbinary people serve our country in the armed
2forces, including Col. Sheri Swokowski, Ph.D., the highest-ranking out transgender
3veteran, who works to improve transgender civil rights and health care for other
4transgender military service members; and
SJR18,2,75 Whereas, Zoe Roberts, Vered Meltzer, Jessica Katzenmeyer, and Wendy Bolm
6provide examples of bravery and confidence in pursuing their values through
7political engagement and encouraging others to do so as well; and
SJR18,2,108 Whereas, Rachel Crowl brings authenticity to the stage and screen and
9demonstrates the importance of transgender and nonbinary people sharing their
10lived experiences; and
SJR18,2,1411 Whereas, Alex Corona advocates for others by creating resources, trainings,
12and outreach materials to improve the visibility and inclusion of the transgender and
13nonbinary community, as well as helping others access and navigate the name
14change process; and
SJR18,2,1915 Whereas, Diverse and Resilient, FORGE, SHEBA, GSAFE, The Black Rose
16Initiative, Fair Wisconsin, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, and other
17organizations across our state have dedicated their efforts to supporting the
18transgender and nonbinary community, showing the strength of collective action and
19building a more inclusive Wisconsin; and
SJR18,2,2220 Whereas, everyone has a role to play in making our communities places where
21transgender and gender-nonconforming people are welcomed, supported, and have
22the opportunity to thrive; and
SJR18,2,2523 Whereas, our transgender and nonbinary neighbors in Wisconsin have shown
24great strength in the face of adversity and empower others to explore and embrace
25their full selves by living their truth; now, therefore, be it
1Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the Wisconsin
2Legislature does hereby recognize and proclaim March 31, 2021, to be Wisconsin's
3Transgender Day of Visibility.
SJR18,3,44 (End)