AB 936 – Medical Assistance benefits

Rep. Callahan

Committee on Public Benefit Reform

S Session Date: 2/17/2022


Author’s Summary of the Legislation

Prepared by: John Reinemann 266-0215

Current law includes a list of prohibited conduct related to Medical Assistance benefits. AB 936 would add to prohibited conduct related to Medical Assistance benefits, knowingly failing to accept an offer of legal, paid employment and knowingly failing to accept an increase in paid work hours or wages to maintain eligibility for Medical Assistance benefits. AB 936 applies to any able-bodied and non-disabled adult without dependents who is between the ages of 18 and 65. The bill exempts full-time students and caregivers of a child who is under the age of 13 or, if the child is disabled, under the age of 19.

AA 1 to AB 936 would specifically exempt from the bill, caregivers to persons disabled or elderly.


Committee Chair’s Summary of Proceedings

Prepared by: John Reinemann, 266-0215

Fiscal Effect:


No fiscal note has been filed for AB 936. DHS did provide a statement for information only that discusses administrative aspects of the bill but does not provide any expected fiscal effect.

Supporter’s Message:


·         AB 936 would prohibit most able-bodied adult recipients of Medical Assistance from refusing work under reasonable circumstances. It just makes sense to require some work for these recipients.

·         Implementing AB 936 would encourage people to go, or go back, to work. Wisconsin needs employees, and the delays in implementing the requirements in AB 935 are encouraging people not to work. This is not good for them, not helpful to the state’s economy, and not helpful in keeping benefit costs controlled.

Opponent’s Message:


·         Opponents cite the need for benefits by clients who may have disabilities or other difficulties complying with a work requirement for MA.

·         Increased costs to income maintenance activities by county government are also cited by opponents.

Key Supporters:


Rep. Callahan; Sen. Kapenga; IRG Action Fund; WMC; the Opportunity Solutions Project.

Key Opponents:


WI Board for People with Developmental Disabilities; Wisconsin Public Health Association; Wisconsin Catholic Conference; Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin; Wisconsin Council of Churches; Kids Forward; Local Action of Wisconsin; Wisconsin Counties Association; American Lung Association; Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; American Cancer Society.

Committee Vote(s):


On Feb 10, 2022, the Assembly Committee on Public Benefit Reform adopted AA1 to AB 936 on a vote of 7-0-2; the committee then recommended AB 936 for passage as amended on a vote of 5-2-2.