2023-2024 Wisconsin Legislature

Senate Bill 373

An Act to amend 459.03 (1); and to create 459.02 (3) and 459.03 (1m) of the statutes; Relating to: selling and fitting over-the-counter hearing aids.

Status: S - Enacted into law

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
3/26/2024 Sen.Published 3-23-2024938
10/6/2023 Sen.Report passage as amended recommended by Committee on Health, Ayes 6, Noes 0493


Date / House Action Journal
8/9/2023 Sen.Introduced by Senators Cabral-Guevara, Carpenter, Felzkowski, Knodl, Spreitzer and Taylor;
cosponsored by Representatives Stubbs, Sortwell, Andraca, Baldeh, Bodden, Cabrera, Dittrich, Goeben, Gustafson, Jacobson, Joers, Moore Omokunde, Mursau, Myers, Ohnstad, Ortiz-Velez, Palmeri, Shankland, Snodgrass, Subeck and Vining
8/9/2023 Sen.Read first time and referred to Committee on Health399
9/6/2023 Sen.Representative Macco added as a cosponsor425
9/8/2023 Sen.Senate Substitute Amendment 1 offered by Senator Cabral-Guevara428
9/13/2023 Sen.Public hearing held 
9/13/2023 Sen.Representative Drake added as a cosponsor438
9/21/2023 Sen.Representative Hurd added as a cosponsor460
10/4/2023 Sen.Executive action taken 
10/6/2023 Sen.Report adoption of Senate Substitute Amendment 1 recommended by Committee on Health, Ayes 6, Noes 0492
10/6/2023 Sen.Report passage as amended recommended by Committee on Health, Ayes 6, Noes 0493
10/6/2023 Sen.Available for scheduling 
10/16/2023 Sen.Placed on calendar 10-17-2023 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1)517
10/16/2023 Sen.Representative Ratcliff added as a cosponsor518
10/17/2023 Sen.Senator Hesselbein added as a coauthor520
10/17/2023 Sen.Read a second time532
10/17/2023 Sen.Senate Substitute Amendment 1 adopted532
10/17/2023 Sen.Ordered to a third reading532
10/17/2023 Sen.Rules suspended to give bill its third reading532
10/17/2023 Sen.Read a third time and passed532
10/17/2023 Sen.Ordered immediately messaged534
10/17/2023 Asm.Received from Senate351
10/19/2023 Asm.Read first time and referred to committee on Rules375
2/14/2024 Asm.Representative Emerson added as a cosponsor685
2/20/2024 Asm.Made a special order of business at 10:16 AM on 2-22-2024 pursuant to Assembly Resolution 28733
2/22/2024 Asm.Read a second time755
2/22/2024 Asm.Ordered to a third reading755
2/22/2024 Asm.Rules suspended755
2/22/2024 Asm.Read a third time and concurred in755
2/22/2024 Asm.Ordered immediately messaged755
2/22/2024 Sen.Received from Assembly concurred in859
2/27/2024 Sen.LRB correction (Senate Substitute Amendment 1)877
2/27/2024 Sen.Report correctly enrolled873
3/18/2024 Sen.Presented to the Governor on 3-18-2024926
3/26/2024 Sen.Report approved by the Governor on 3-22-2024. 2023 Wisconsin Act 179937
3/26/2024 Sen.Published 3-23-2024938
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