damage personal injuryDamage (personal injury)
Civil liability exemption for administering an opioid antagonist re elementary and secondary schools - Act 194
Claims against commercial motor vehicle carriers: limiting recovery of noneconomic damages [vetoed] - SB613
Motor vehicle seller who transfers possession and legal title to a buyer is immune from civil and criminal liability, and local ordinance violations [vetoed] - AB669
Pupils who have asthma: schools required to adopt a management plan which includes standing orders for short-acting bronchodilators; advanced practice nurse prescriber, physician assistant, and physician provisions and civil liability immunity - Act 195
Undesignated glucagon: prescriptions and standing orders to public, private, charter, and tribal schools from specified medical personnel; administration by school personnel; civil liability immunity - Act 193
Xylazine testing materials excluded from drug paraphernalia definition; civil and criminal liability exemption for distributing and administering testing products - Act 217
dane countyDane County
Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial identified on state highway maps - Act 270
data processingData processing, see also Telecommunications
Automated justice information systems appropriation [Sec. 46, 135] - Act 19
Broadband expansion grant program changes re unserved areas, speed standards, criteria for evaluation applications, low-cost option, and challenge to awarding a grant - Act 77
Human trafficking crime identification and prevention training for CBRF employees required; other types of employees included in training requirement; DWD to produce video on training requirements - Act 237
Nonprofit organizations promoting the operation of ATVs and UTVs: changes to DNR appropriation for communication equipment and producing maps and digital information - Act 67
Notarization and witnessing of wills, estate planning, declaration to health care professionals, authorization for final disposition, and certain power of attorney documents: electronic and remote provisions created and other changes - Act 130
Obsolete statutory references removed re property, sales, and income taxes; the Revised Uniform Claimed Property Act; and lottery games - Act 138
Political advertisements: disclosure requirements for audio or video communication containing synthetic media; penalty and Ethics Commission provisions - Act 123
Possession of virtual child pornography: penalties for visual representations appearing to depict a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct - Act 224
Public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district: email for notice of board business allowed - Act 62
Sales tax exemption for WEDC certified data centers created [Sec. 346, 347, 349, 433, 434, 437, 9437 (3)] - Act 19
Testimony of witness under age 18 in a criminal prosecution for human trafficking crime may be taken in another room and televised in the courtroom - Act 238
Third-party food delivery services requirements established - Act 75
Trust administration and regulation changes; Uniform Trust Decanting Act adopted; Uniform Powers of Appointment Act adopted; digital property classified as individual property and disclosure provisions - Act 127
UI benefit recipients: DWD to run comparison to certain state and national databases re fraud and erroneous payments [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
data processing _ privacy issuesData processing — Privacy issues
Permitted electronic transmissions under employer-sponsored health insurance policies and plans - Act 78
Privacy protections for judicial officers created; judicial candidate provisions - Act 235
Redacting certain records: law enforcement and corrections agencies may charge a fee; exceptions and forfeiture provisions - Act 253
day careDay care
Child and dependent care tax credit expanded re employment-related expense limitation [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Child and dependent care tax credit: state income tax credit expanded - Act 101
Child care allocations re scholarship and bonus program, resource and referral services, maximum payment rates based on quality rating, and grant to Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network, Inc. [Sec. 282c-285] [282c -- vetoed] - Act 19
Child care center renovations revolving loan fund and program established [vetoed] - AB388
Child care providers: revolving loan fund [Sec. 61] [partial veto] - Act 19
Kinship care eligibility expansion and placement options; "like-kin" definition - Act 119
Kinship care rates increased [Sec. 256, 257] - Act 19
Provider Assistance for Licensing (PAL): WEDC to request JCF to supplement an appropriation [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Wisconsin Shares revisions re initial eligibility, phase-out threshold, and benefit cliff mitigation amounts [Sec. 286, 287, 9406 (1r)] - Act 19
deaf and hearing impairedDeaf and hearing impaired
Fitting and dealing in hearing aids definition limited to prescription hearing aids; hearing instrument specialist certificate to engage in cerumen management - Act 82
Over-the-counter hearing aids: no license required to sell or fit; practice of ordering, fitting, and dealing in hearing aids provisions - Act 179
Anatomical gifts may be received by search and rescue organizations and recovery teams that use human remains detection canines - Act 178
Best practices of coroners and medical examiners re completing medical certifications and investigations of reportable deaths: DHS to establish - Act 174
Death of individual within 24 hours of presentment at or admission to hospital or similar facilities: notifying the medical examiner or coroner required; exception for hospice - Act 175
Death records: additional occupation fields - Act 171
Death records: use of electronic system of vital records required of any person who completes and signs a medical certification of death; nationally recognized health information exchange standards required - Act 172
Medical certifications of death: training for persons authorized to complete and sign - Act 173
Motor vehicle certificate of title transferred to immediate family member upon death of the owner: fees waived - Act 43
Suicide prevention programming grants from DHS using federal funds - Act 85
debt and debtorsDebt and debtors
Licensing and regulation by DFI of consumer lenders, payday lenders, money transmitters, sales finance companies, collection agencies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, adjustment service companies, community currency exchanges, and insurance premium finance companies; the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry; ABLE program established in DFI; rules revised [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 74.01, 74.03, 74.04, 74.05, 74.06, 74.07, 74.10, 74.11, 74.12, 74.14, 74.16, 75.01, 75.08] - Act 267
Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act: 2014 modifications adopted and renamed the Uniform Voidable Transactions Law - Act 246
debt publicDebt, Public, see also specific agency or department
Authorized operations of financial institutions revisions re credit union property and supplemental capital, ATM locations and interference with made a crime, S&L lending areas, residential mortgage loans, promissory notes of certain public bodies, public deposit losses, parity with federally chartered credit unions, and charges for credit union examinations; administrative rules repealed [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 14.03, DFI-SB 12.03, DFI-SL 12.03] - Act 128
Authorized state building program for 2023-24 and changes to previously authorized programs; transfers to the state building trust fund and the capital improvement fund [Sec. 2-16, 40-45, 48, 179, 180, 182-189, 192, 193, 9104 (1)-(21), 9201 (1), 9251 (1)] [8, 9104 (8), (9), (11) -- partial veto] - Act 19
Capital reserve fund bonding authorization increased [Sec. 432] - Act 19
deerDeer, see Hunting
deferred prosecutionDeferred prosecution, see Court — Procedure
delinquent taxesDelinquent taxes, see Property tax
Dental benefits: assignment of reimbursement for services directly to a dental provider - Act 91
Dental services MA reimbursement rate increased: implementation deadline [Sec. 9119 (1)] - Act 19
Dental therapist licensure created, emergency rule provision - Act 87
Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact ratified - Act 88
Marquette University School of Dentistry: HEAB scholarship for state residents who agree to practice in a health shortage area changed to a dental health shortage area - Act 90
Technical college programs to expand oral health care workforce: funding from JCF supplemental appropriation - Act 89
designerDesigner, see Architect
Human trafficking crime identification and prevention training for CBRF employees required; other types of employees included in training requirement; DWD to produce video on training requirements - Act 237
dhsDHS, see health services department of -- specific subheading
diabetesDiabetes, see Disease
digital mediaDigital media, see Data processing
digital propertyDigital property, see Personal property
Anatomical gift, organ transplant, and related services: discrimination based on vaccination status prohibited [vetoed] - SB933