crime and criminals _ homicide or murderCrime and criminals — Homicide or murder
First-degree reckless homicide re certain controlled substances: felony penalty changes; JRCCP may report - Act 29
crime victimCrime victim
Parole Commission: posting certain information to its Internet site; notifications to victims and certain family members revised - Act 31
criminal identification and investigationCriminal identification and investigation
Conviction record of credential applicant: DSPS investigation of revised [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Law enforcement investigative services: DOC to reimburse any county, city, village, or town providing assistance [Sec. 36, 99, 101, 314, 316-318] - Act 19
Laws under DOR’s purview: enforcement and administration changes; electronic vaping device directory created, report required; Division of Alcohol Beverages created in DOR; administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code Tax 8.87] - Act 73
crossbowCrossbow, see Hunting
culvertCulvert, see Bridge
dairy productDairy product
Tour.Dept annual activities report requirement modified; repeal of certain distribution of donated cheese, use of famous Wisconsin residents in tourism marketing, and audited financial statement from WPGA Junior Foundation - Act 7
data processingData processing, see also Telecommunications
Automated justice information systems appropriation [Sec. 46, 135] - Act 19
Broadband expansion grant program changes re unserved areas, speed standards, criteria for evaluation applications, low-cost option, and challenge to awarding a grant - Act 77
Nonprofit organizations promoting the operation of ATVs and UTVs: changes to DNR appropriation for communication equipment and producing maps and digital information - Act 67
Public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district: email for notice of board business allowed - Act 62
Sales tax exemption for WEDC certified data centers created [Sec. 346, 347, 349, 433, 434, 437, 9437 (3)] - Act 19
Third-party food delivery services requirements established - Act 75
UI benefit recipients: DWD to run comparison to certain state and national databases re fraud and erroneous payments [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
data processing _ privacy issuesData processing — Privacy issues
Permitted electronic transmissions under employer-sponsored health insurance policies and plans - Act 78
day careDay care
Child and dependent care tax credit expanded re employment-related expense limitation [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Child care allocations re scholarship and bonus program, resource and referral services, maximum payment rates based on quality rating, and grant to Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network, Inc. [Sec. 282c-285] [282c -- vetoed] - Act 19
Child care providers: revolving loan fund [Sec. 61] [partial veto] - Act 19
Kinship care rates increased [Sec. 256, 257] - Act 19
Provider Assistance for Licensing (PAL): WEDC to request JCF to supplement an appropriation [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Wisconsin Shares revisions re initial eligibility, phase-out threshold, and benefit cliff mitigation amounts [Sec. 286, 287, 9406 (1r)] - Act 19
deaf and hearing impairedDeaf and hearing impaired
Fitting and dealing in hearing aids definition limited to prescription hearing aids; hearing instrument specialist certificate to engage in cerumen management - Act 82
Motor vehicle certificate of title transferred to immediate family member upon death of the owner: fees waived - Act 43
Suicide prevention programming grants from DHS using federal funds - Act 85
debt publicDebt, Public, see also specific agency or department
Authorized state building program for 2023-24 and changes to previously authorized programs; transfers to the state building trust fund and the capital improvement fund [Sec. 2-16, 40-45, 48, 179, 180, 182-189, 192, 193, 9104 (1)-(21), 9201 (1), 9251 (1)] [8, 9104 (8), (9), (11) -- partial veto] - Act 19
Capital reserve fund bonding authorization increased [Sec. 432] - Act 19
deferred prosecutionDeferred prosecution, see Court — Procedure
Dental services MA reimbursement rate increased: implementation deadline [Sec. 9119 (1)] - Act 19
dhsDHS, see health services department of -- specific subheading
discrimination in employmentDiscrimination in employment
Discrimination in hiring and contracting by a political subdivision prohibited re race, color, ancestry, national origin, or sexual orientation - Act 12
Alzheimer's family and caregiver support program funding [Sec. 245] - Act 19
Local health officer mandate to close a business to control an outbreak or communicable disease epidemic limited - Act 12
district attorneyDistrict attorney
Pay progression caps for deputy and assistant DAs, and assistant SPDs [Sec. 9101 (1)] - Act 19
dnrDNR, see natural resources department of -- specific subheading
doaDOA, see administration department of -- specific subheading
dotDOT, see transportation department of -- specific subheading
dredgingDredging, see Lakes
drinking waterDrinking water, see Water supply
drivers educationDrivers' education
Driver education grant program: DOT to establish; income eligibility provision - Act 86
Driver education grants [Sec. 98] - Act 19
Epinephrine delivery systems: definition, authority to use, and prescribing authority - Act 27
MA payment for puberty-blocking drugs or gender reassignment surgery prohibited [Sec. 308-311] [vetoed] - Act 19
SeniorCare participants allowed to purchase 100-day prescription drug supplies; administrative rule revision and DHS to apply for federal Medicaid waiver [Admin.Code DHS 109.31] - Act 71
drugs _ criminal acts and law enforcementDrugs — Criminal acts and law enforcement
First-degree reckless homicide re certain controlled substances: felony penalty changes; JRCCP may report - Act 29
drunken drivingDrunken driving
Driver improvement surcharge [Sec. 460g, m, 9344 (2m), 9444 (1m)] - Act 19
e_cigaretteE-cigarette, see Cigarette
eau claire countyEau Claire County
Lake Altoona sediment dredging: DNR grant to the Lake Altoona Protection and Rehabilitation District [Sec. 9132 (6)] - Act 19