Farm service license endorsement: seasonal period for “F” endorsement increased; administrative rules modified [Admin.Code Trans 120.02] - Act 28
farm produceFarm produce
Wisconsin Cranberry Research and Education Foundation in Jackson County: property tax exemption [Sec. 321, 9337 (1)] - Act 19
Producer-led watershed, lake, and river protection grants: eligibility expanded - Act 5
farmland preservationFarmland preservation
Farmland preservation agreements and tax credits changes, report required - Act 42
federal aidFederal aid
Suicide prevention programming grants from DHS using federal funds - Act 85
feeFee, see Elections Commission; specific subject
fermented malt beverageFermented malt beverage, see Alcohol beverage
ferryFerry, see Lakes
financial institutionFinancial institution
Income tax deduction for interest on commercial loans [Sec. 325, 341, 9337 (2)] - Act 19
financial literacyFinancial literacy, see Literacy
Indefinitely confined voter status for purposes of receiving absentee ballots automatically: revisions, proof of ID required, notification of removal, and penalty provisions [vetoed] - AB494
Laws under DOR’s purview: enforcement and administration changes; electronic vaping device directory created, report required; Division of Alcohol Beverages created in DOR; administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code Tax 8.87] - Act 73
Reckless driving penalties increased - Act 9
fire departmentFire department
Fire and emergency medical services provided at state veterans homes: grants to fire districts and local governments [Sec. 133, 236, 322, 323] - Act 19
Law enforcement and fire and emergency medical services: political subdivisions required to certify to DOR maintenance of effort for - Act 12
Newborn infant safety devices: installation in safe haven law locations authorized - Act 79
Public safety employees may bargain with municipal employer over who is covered by a health care coverage plan - Act 34
firearms and dangerous weaponsFirearms and dangerous weapons
Nuisance wildlife management at airports by designated personnel: exceptions to shining animals, possessing firearms or bow or crossbow, and discharging firearms prohibitions; administrative rule created [Admin.Code NR 12.10] - Act 51
first class cityFirst class city, see Milwaukee — City, and its subheadings
fish and fishingFish and fishing
Hunting and fishing approvals: certain nonresident fees increased; conservation fund provision [Sec. 144, 217-231, 9232 (1)] [149 -- vetoed] - Act 19
Les Voigt State Fish Hatchery and Brule State Fish Hatchery [Sec. 194] [partial veto] - Act 19
fish and game wardenFish and game warden
ATV and UTV law enforcement positions; DNR report required [Sec. 9132 (1)] [partial veto] - Act 19
floodplain managementFloodplain management
Municipal flood control and riparian restoration program: cost-sharing grant eligibility modified [Sec. 451] - Act 19
Pre-disaster flood resilience grants from DEM [Sec. 130] - Act 19
Urban storm water, flood control, and riparian restoration appropriation [Sec. 82] - Act 19
Third-party food delivery services requirements established - Act 75
Tribal elder community food box program; funding from tribal gaming receipts [Sec. 53, 145, 385] - Act 19
Forest land and timber management added to BCPL [Sec. 153] - Act 19
Forest nursery stock seedling surcharge repealed [Sec. 216] - Act 19
Lapham Peak Lodge: grant for construction of to Friends of Lapham Peak Unit -- Kettle Moraine State Forest, Inc. [Sec. 9132 (5)] - Act 19
Online transaction fee for online sale of vehicle admission to state parks, forests, and recreation areas and state trail passes [Sec. 70, 212, 213] - Act 19
Impoundment of vehicles by law enforcement for certain reckless driving offenses: municipalities may enact ordinance authorizing - Act 1
Reckless driving penalties increased - Act 9
Temporary motor vehicle operation plates issued by DOT to dealers in electronic format required; misuse penalty provision - Act 45
Third-party food delivery services requirements established - Act 75
foster homeFoster home, see Children
franchise _ taxationFranchise — Taxation
Internal Revenue Code changes made by specified federal acts adopted - Act 36
Research credit: income and franchise tax credit revisions [Sec. 338-340, 342-345] - Act 19
Candidate adjudged guilty of felony campaign finance or election fraud violations: court to order candidate committee dissolved and conditions on disbursement of funds specified - Act 52
Fraudulent insurance acts: OCI duties [Sec. 461] - Act 19
Indefinitely confined voter status for purposes of receiving absentee ballots automatically: revisions, proof of ID required, notification of removal, and penalty provisions [vetoed] - AB494
UI benefit recipients: DWD to run comparison to certain state and national databases re fraud and erroneous payments [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
freight transportationFreight transportation, see Railroad
fte _full_time equivalent position_FTE (Full-time equivalent position), see Public employee
Fuel pipeline extension from Mitchell International Airport to the Port of Milwaukee: harbor assistance grant [Sec. 92, 9144 (2)] - Act 19
funeral and funeral directorFuneral and funeral director
Cremation permit application form: DHS to design, issuance of permit provision - Act 84
Restricting the use or sale of motor vehicles based on power source: state agencies and local governmental units may not impose [vetoed] - AB142
general fundGeneral fund, see Appropriation
golfGolf, see Recreation
Earl, Gov. Anthony S.: life and public service of the 41st Governor of Wisconsin honored [AJR28] - JR 4
governor _ appointmentsGovernor — Appointments
Local professional baseball park district: administration and governing body changes; lease and nonrelocation agreements; facilities improvement funding; ticket surcharge; Milwaukee County sales tax and pension obligation bonds; audit and redevelopment report required - Act 40
governor _ legislation by request ofGovernor — Legislation by request of
Budget bill [partial veto] - Act 19
great lakesGreat Lakes, see Lakes
green bay city ofGreen Bay, City of
Experience Greater Green Bay Corporation (a.k.a. Discover Green Bay): Tour.Dept grant [Sec. 9143 (2)] - Act 19
green bay packersGreen Bay Packers
Local professional baseball park district and professional football stadium district: obsolete appropriations repealed [Sec. 154, 155, 169, 170, 351, 352, 9437 (1)] - Act 19
Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge funding [Sec. 94, 9144 (7)] - Act 19
guardian and wardGuardian and ward