interstate relationsInterstate relations
Licensing and regulation by DFI of consumer lenders, payday lenders, money transmitters, sales finance companies, collection agencies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, adjustment service companies, community currency exchanges, and insurance premium finance companies; the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry; ABLE program established in DFI; administrative rules revised [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 74.01, 74.03, 74.04, 74.05, 74.06, 74.07, 74.10, 74.11, 74.12, 74.14, 74.16, 75.01, 75.08] - SB668
MA health services provided via telehealth by out-of-state health provider: physical address in this state not required - SB476
Telehealth by out-of-state mental health care providers: conditions set; DSPS forms provision - AB541
Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act modified and Uniform Unsworn Declarations Act adopted in its place - SB29
investment boardInvestment Board
Local professional baseball park district: administration and governing body changes; lease and nonrelocation agreements; facilities improvement funding; ticket surcharge; Milwaukee County sales tax and pension obligation bonds; audit and redevelopment report required - Act 40
jackson countyJackson County
Wisconsin Cranberry Research and Education Foundation in Jackson County: property tax exemption [Sec. 321, 9337 (1)] - Act 19
County jailers classified as protective occupation participant status for WRS purposes, MERA provision - Act 4
Election observer procedure revisions, penalty provisions - AB543
House of correction added to "county jailer" definition re public employee trust fund - Act 12
Advisory referendum on the question of requiring able-bodied, childless adults to look for work in order to receive taxpayer-funded welfare benefits [SJR4] - JR 3
Albers, Sheryl: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR42] - JR 6
Blank, Dr. Rebecca M.: life and public service of former UW-Madison Chancellor commended [SJR18] - JR 7
Earl, Gov. Anthony S.: life and public service of the 41st Governor of Wisconsin honored [AJR28] - JR 4
Floorperiods for the 2023-24 session established; budget deadline extended [SJR1] - JR 1
LeMahieu, Daniel Roy: life and public service of former state representative commended [AJR54] - JR 5
Candidate adjudged guilty of felony campaign finance or election fraud violations: court to order candidate committee dissolved and conditions on disbursement of funds specified - Act 52
justice department ofJustice, Department of
Alternatives to prosecution and incarceration grant program appropriation changes [Sec. 119, 124, 125, 422, 9227 (1)] - Act 19
Beat patrol officers grant program repealed [Sec. 123, 423] [vetoed] - Act 19
Community-oriented policing-house grant program sunsetted [Sec. 117, 118, 424, 9427 (1)] - Act 19
Critical incident mapping data: DOJ grants to school board or governing body of private school modified [Sec. 9127 (1)] - Act 19
Elder abuse hotline and grant program [Sec. 120, 421] - Act 19
Payment card networks prohibited from using firearm merchant codes for retail payment card transactions; governmental entities prohibited from keeping lists of firearms owners, exception for criminal investigations or prosecutions; AG authority - SB466
Peer support teams and critical incident stress management (CISM) services teams for various law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency medical service agencies: DOJ to establish; privileged communication provisions - AB576
School safety plan: “interactive critical mapping data” term replaces “critical incident mapping data” - SB303
Sexual assault kits: time limit for processing, conditions set - Act 58
justicesJustices, see Supreme Court
juvenile courtJuvenile court
Kinship care eligibility expansion and placement options; "like-kin" definition - SB520
Possession of virtual child pornography: penalties for visual representations appearing to depict a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct - SB314
Victim or witness who is an elder person: expediting proceedings in criminal and delinquency cases and juvenile dispositional hearings; preserving testimony in criminal matters - AB556
juvenile delinquencyJuvenile delinquency
Victim or witness who is an elder person: expediting proceedings in criminal and delinquency cases and juvenile dispositional hearings; preserving testimony in criminal matters - AB556
juvenile detention facilityJuvenile detention facility
Juvenile correctional services: daily rates [Sec. 454g] - Act 19
kenosha countyKenosha County
TIDs in the Village of Pleasant Prairie: eliminating certain exemptions - Act 8
kettle moraineKettle Moraine, see Forestry
Early literacy instruction and reading readiness assessments and interventions: Office of Literacy and Council on Early Literacy Curricula created in DPI, teacher licensing and professional development training, model policy for promoting third graders to fourth grade, school district and school report cards, parent notification requirements, complaint by parent or guardian to DPI; reports and sunset provisions - Act 20
Online early learning program sunset delayed [Sec. 473-476] [vetoed] - Act 19
kinship careKinship care, see Day care
la crosse countyLa Crosse County
“Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers Memorial Highway”: DOT to designate and mark portion of I 90 in La Crosse and Monroe counties as - SB633
la pointe town ofLa Pointe, Town of, see Ashland County
Buffalo Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District grant [Sec. 9132 (4)] - Act 19
Echo Lake dam: grant to City of Burlington for restoration [Sec. 75] [vetoed] - Act 19
Great Lakes contaminated sediment removal: appropriation created [Sec. 71] - Act 19
Harbor Commission of the Town of La Pointe established and investigating potential for ferry service between Wisconsin mainland and Town of La Pointe: DOA grants; sunset provision [Sec. 138, 139, 9130 (1)] - Act 19
Lake Altoona sediment dredging: DNR grant to the Lake Altoona Protection and Rehabilitation District [Sec. 9132 (6)] - Act 19
Lake Mallalieu Association: grant for dredging [Sec. 78] [partial veto] - Act 19
Mirror Lake Management District: grant for dredging and gully rehabilitation [Sec. 9132 (2)] - Act 19
Producer-led watershed, lake, and river protection grants: eligibility expanded - Act 5
Public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district: email for notice of board business allowed - Act 62
De Pere Greenwood Cemetery: DSPS grant for erosion remediation [Sec. 9138 (1)] - Act 19
Land Recycling Loan Program eliminated and administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code NR 167] - Act 6
land _ taxationLand — Taxation, see Property tax
land use planning and controlLand use planning and control
County land conservation committee membership - Act 32
Judicial review of local governmental decisions re certain land development, local approval of residential housing development, and zoning ordinance amendments - Act 16
landlord and tenantLandlord and tenant
Main street housing rehabilitation revolving loan fund and loan program established re owners of rental housing; reports required - Act 15
landscape architectLandscape architect
Design professional services: prohibiting enforcement of indemnification provision in a contract with the state or a political subdivision - AB514
law enforcement standards boardLaw Enforcement Standards Board
LESB to pay law enforcement agencies for preparatory training expenses of recruits; minimum amount per officer increased - SB573
Tactical EMS professional allowed to carry a firearm in prohibited areas; definition and LESB duties - SB829