Public funds used by state senators or representatives to distribute substantially identical materials prior to a general election: provisions revised - SB408
legislature _ finance joint committee onLegislature — Finance, Joint Committee on
Building program revisions re budget modifications and report requirement, selection of project architects and engineers, single prime contracting exception, project bidding procedures, cooperation with energy conservation contractors, and utilities costs; timeline for Claims Board to hear and determine claims related to contracts; transfer from general fund to building trust fund - SB932
Bureau of Assisted Living: DHS to submit fee increase plan to JCF re covering staffing costs [Sec. 9119 (2)] - Act 19
Habitat work plan: DNR required to prepare biennially; report provision - Act 66
Municipal solid waste facilities alternate method for proof of financial responsibility; provisions for payment of closure, long-term care, and corrective action costs by DNR, JCF approval - SB624
Provider Assistance for Licensing (PAL): WEDC to request JCF to supplement an appropriation [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Recovery high school grants created; report required; JCF supplemental appropriation - Act 72
State building trust fund transfer to the general fund; hospital emergency department services grants funding [partial veto] - Act 97
Stewardship Program activities or projects: certain local governments required to adopt resolution in support before DNR can submit to JCF for passive review - Act 12
Technical college programs to expand oral health care workforce: funding from JCF supplemental appropriation - Act 89
UI law changes including misconduct and general qualifying requirements; JCF review of UI benefit augmentations; UI definition of misconduct applies to WC [vetoed] - AB147
UW--Milwaukee at Washington County branch campus: UW System to submit plan to JCF for joint operation with Moraine Park Technical College [Sec. 9147 (2)] [vetoed] - Act 19
WisconsinEye endowment fund established; sunset provision [Sec. 20, 173] [20 -- partial veto] - Act 19
legislature _ legislative organization joint committee onLegislature — Legislative Organization, Joint Committee on
Legislative Human Resources Office (LHRO) created [Sec. 17-19, 190, 191, 431] [19 -- partial veto] - Act 19
legislature _ memberLegislature — Member
Public funds used by state senators or representatives to distribute substantially identical materials prior to a general election: provisions revised - SB408
legislature _ procedureLegislature — Procedure
Floorperiods for the 2023-24 session established; budget deadline extended [SJR1] - JR 1
Information technology infrastructure grants: sunsetted program repealed [Sec. 47, 143, 429] - Act 19
Recollection Wisconsin funding [Sec. 69, 388] - Act 19
light heat and power companyLight, heat, and power company, see Electric utility
Early literacy instruction and reading readiness assessments and interventions: Office of Literacy and Council on Early Literacy Curricula created in DPI, teacher licensing and professional development training, model policy for promoting third graders to fourth grade, school district and school report cards, parent notification requirements, complaint by parent or guardian to DPI; reports and sunset provisions - Act 20
Early literacy programs administered by DPI: funding structure [partial veto] - Act 100
National reading program grants: DCF to award to certain nonprofit organizations - SB707
National reading program grants [Sec. 110] - Act 19
Personal financial literacy credit required for high school graduation - Act 60
livestock and meatLivestock and meat
Livestock premises registration program: administration funding [Sec. 52] - Act 19
Child care center renovations revolving loan fund and program established - AB388
Child care providers: revolving loan fund [Sec. 61] [partial veto] - Act 19
Income tax deduction for interest on commercial loans [Sec. 325, 341, 9337 (2)] - Act 19
Land Recycling Loan Program eliminated and administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code NR 167] - Act 6
Licensing and regulation by DFI of consumer lenders, payday lenders, money transmitters, sales finance companies, collection agencies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, adjustment service companies, community currency exchanges, and insurance premium finance companies; the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry; ABLE program established in DFI; administrative rules revised [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 74.01, 74.03, 74.04, 74.05, 74.06, 74.07, 74.10, 74.11, 74.12, 74.14, 74.16, 75.01, 75.08] - SB668
Ethics Commission recommendations regarding campaign finance, lobbying, open records, and closed sessions - SB741
Laws under DOR’s purview: enforcement and administration changes; electronic vaping device directory created, report required; Division of Alcohol Beverages created in DOR; administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code Tax 8.87] - Act 73
Obsolete statutory references removed re property, sales, and income taxes; the Revised Uniform Claimed Property Act; and lottery games - AB742
low_income personsLow-income persons, see Poor
lpg _liquefied petroleum gas_LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), see Fuel
madeline islandMadeline Island, see Ashland County
manufacturerManufacturer, see Business
Nonprofit organizations promoting the operation of ATVs and UTVs: changes to DNR appropriation for communication equipment and producing maps and digital information - Act 67
marinette countyMarinette County
Silver Cliff, Town of: payments from state disaster assistance appropriation to rebuild public safety building destroyed by a tornado [Sec. 9131 (1)] - Act 19
UW System branch campus redevelopment grants from WEDC to political subdivisions; first counties to receive grants specified - SB518
marriageMarriage, see also Income tax, and its subheadings
Trust administration and regulation changes; Uniform Trust Decanting Act adopted; Uniform Powers of Appointment Act adopted; digital property classified as individual property and disclosure provisions - SB759
marriage and family therapistMarriage and family therapist
Tier 1 license from DPI for clinically trained mental health professional created; administrative rules provision [Admin.Code PI 34.0375] - AB251
marriage and family therapy counseling and social worker examining boardMarriage and Family Therapy, Counseling, and Social Worker Examining Board
Counseling Compact ratified - Act 55
Counseling Compact ratified [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Statutes and rules examinations for certain health care professions prohibited [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
marshMarsh, see Wetland
maternal and infant careMaternal and infant care
Congenital disorder test fees [Sec. 438m] [partial veto] - Act 19
Newborn infant safety devices: installation in safe haven law locations authorized - Act 79
medical assistanceMedical assistance
Ambulance service provider trust fund appropriation created; administrative costs provision - Act 30
Behavioral health care coordination pilot projects and psychiatric consultation reimbursement pilot project repealed [Sec. 106, 306, 307] - Act 19
Complex rehabilitation technology wheelchair repair and accessories: MA reimbursement rates; reports required - SB592
Crisis urgent care and observation facilities: DHS to establish certification process and grants program; MA waiver provision; report required; crisis hostels provision - SB462
Dental services MA reimbursement rate increased: implementation deadline [Sec. 9119 (1)] - Act 19
Institutions for mental disease: DHS to cover costs for MA services provided to beneficiaries housed in; federal waiver provision - AB616