Sex offender registry and notification requirements: counting convictions and findings codified re OAG-02-17 - SB874
service animalService animal, see Dogs
sex crimesSex crimes
Adjutant General report on sexual assault and sexual harassment reported by Wisconsin National Guard members; DMA report on substantive changes to the federal Uniform Code of Military Justice required - Act 48
Child sex doll prohibitions created; exemption and penalty provisions - SB321
Possession of virtual child pornography: penalties for visual representations appearing to depict a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct - SB314
Sex offender registry and notification requirements: counting convictions and findings codified re OAG-02-17 - SB874
Sexual assault kits: time limit for processing, conditions set - Act 58
“Sexual contact” definition revised re crimes against children and the crime of sexual assault - Act 61
Sexual misconduct against a pupil by school staff member or volunteer: felony penalty and license revocation provision - SB333
sexual assaultSexual assault, see Sex crimes
shared revenueShared revenue
Decommissioned power production plants: phase-out of utility aid payments to counties and municipalities changed - SB67
Local government fund transfers; "police and fire protection fund" changed to "911 fund"; support and improvement of emergency services and municipal sales and use tax provisions [Sec. 37, 39, 55, 102, 113, 115, 116, 121, 122, 131, 132, 156-162, 165-168, 171, 172, 198-209, 211, 242, 243, 250-254g, 304, 319, 324, 348, 353-356, 359, 360, 420, 425-428, 439-447, 453, 470, 9101 (4), 9119 (6), 9401 (2), 9406 (1), 9419 (2), 9427 (2), 9431 (2), 9436 (1), 9437 (4)] [39, 156, 163, 167, 168 -- partial veto] - Act 19
Nontaxable tribal land: shared revenue payments to counties to compensate for lost property taxes; sunset provision [Sec. 151, 152, 163, 164, 9451 (1)] [152, 154, 9451 (1) -- vetoed] - Act 19
Personal property tax eliminated; state payments to taxing jurisdictions and technical changes; railroad company license fee personal property tax exemption - Act 12
Public utility incentive aids paid to municipalities and counties [Sec. 357, 358] - Act 19
Shared revenue changes: trust fund, supplemental aid for specified purposes, innovation grants for specified services or duties, and DOR and DOA duties - Act 12
sheboygan countySheboygan County
Dam on Sheboygan River at the Sheboygan Marsh: funding for removal and reconstruction [Sec. 74] - Act 19
Mill Pond dam: grant to City of Plymouth for removal and restoration [Sec. 77] - Act 19
“Deputy Kaitie Leising Memorial Highway”: portion of STH 128 designated and marked as; DOT duties - SB452
Release of prisoner to parole or extended supervision: requirements revised - AB237
Tactical EMS professional allowed to carry a firearm in prohibited areas; definition and LESB duties - SB829
shining animalsShining animals, see Hunting
silver cliff town ofSilver Cliff, Town of, see Marinette County
small loanSmall loan
Licensing and regulation by DFI of consumer lenders, payday lenders, money transmitters, sales finance companies, collection agencies, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers, adjustment service companies, community currency exchanges, and insurance premium finance companies; the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry; ABLE program established in DFI; administrative rules revised [Admin.Code DFI-Bkg 74.01, 74.03, 74.04, 74.05, 74.06, 74.07, 74.10, 74.11, 74.12, 74.14, 74.16, 75.01, 75.08] - SB668
Payday loan regulation exemption for transactions with no finance charge or other fee imposed or accepted from the loan recipient - Act 37
snow removal ofSnow, Removal of, see Road — Machinery
Snowmobile trails: signs advertising certain businesses erected by snowmobile clubs allowed - Act 63
Supplemental aid for snowmobile trail maintenance: DNR may modify administrative rule [Admin.Code NR 50.09] - SB136
social workSocial work
Counseling Compact ratified - Act 55
Counseling Compact ratified [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Preliminary health care credentials: DSPS to grant to previously unlicensed individuals under set conditions; Social Work Licensure Compact ratified - SB158
Social Work Licensure Compact ratified [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Statutes and rules examinations for certain health care professions prohibited [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Telehealth by out-of-state mental health care providers: conditions set; DSPS forms provision - AB541
solid waste managementSolid waste management
Municipal solid waste facilities alternate method for proof of financial responsibility; provisions for payment of closure, long-term care, and corrective action costs by DNR, JCF approval - SB624
special electionSpecial election, see Elections
special session 2023 _ septemberSpecial session, 2023 — September
Workforce package: income tax rates, child and dependent care tax credit, private school tuition deduction, reciprocal credentials, DSPS investigation of conviction records, statutes and rules exams for certain professions prohibited, credential renewal periods, reciprocal credential information, ratification of several interstate compacts, decennial review of occupational licensure requirements, report on legislation requiring business and occupational licenses, supplemental appropriation for child care, apprenticeship grants, CDL training grants, and various UI provisions [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
spoofing re caller idSpoofing re caller ID, see Telephone
ssi _supplemental security income_SSI (Supplemental security income), see Public assistance
st. croix countySt. Croix County
“Deputy Kaitie Leising Memorial Highway”: portion of STH 128 designated and marked as; DOT duties - SB452
state agenciesState agencies
Marketing clearinghouse in Tour.Dept repealed [Sec. 84, 235] - Act 19
Payment card networks prohibited from using firearm merchant codes for retail payment card transactions; governmental entities prohibited from keeping lists of firearms owners, exception for criminal investigations or prosecutions; AG authority - SB466
Public records law: extends nondisclosure requirement re personally identifiable information of confidential law enforcement informants - SB119
Regulation of utility services based on type or source of energy: state agencies and political subdivisions prohibition created [vetoed] - SB49
Restricting the use or sale of devices based on energy source: state agencies and local governmental units may not impose [vetoed] - AB141
Restricting the use or sale of motor vehicles based on power source: state agencies and local governmental units may not impose [vetoed] - AB142
Workforce development metrics: state agency or authority operating or overseeing a workforce development program or activity required to report under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act [vetoed] - AB151
state courts director ofState Courts, Director of
Circuit court branches designated under 2019 WisAct 184: statutory addition of [Sec. 462-469, 9107 (1), (2), 9407 (1)] - Act 19
state debtState debt, see Debt, Public
state employeeState employee, see Public employee
state laboratory of hygieneState Laboratory of Hygiene, see Hygiene laboratory
state parkState park, see also Forestry
Camping fee for nonresidents [Sec. 214] - Act 19
Online transaction fee for online sale of vehicle admission to state parks, forests, and recreation areas and state trail passes [Sec. 70, 212, 213] - Act 19
Pattison and Amnicon Falls state parks: funding for certain projects [Sec. 9132 (3)] [vetoed] - Act 19
State park campsites: electric receptacles provision [Sec. 215] - Act 19
Vehicle admission receipt to state parks: valid for 1 year from date issued instead of calendar year - SB415
state patrolState patrol, see Traffic officer
state superintendent of public instructionState Superintendent of Public Instruction
Teacher preparatory program must require one to four semesters of student teaching; DPI report modified and teacher apprenticeship program established - SB917
Vacancies in certain elective state offices: appointment by Governor replaced with special election; exception provided - AB476
state trunk highway _sth_State trunk highway (STH), see Road
state trust fundState trust fund, see Trust fund
statutes _ revisionStatutes — Revision