Caller ID spoofing prohibited; telecommunication provider ability to block voice calls per federal law recognized - SB531
Elder abuse hotline and grant program [Sec. 120, 421] - Act 19
Employers seeking to employ individuals with conviction records: DWD hotline for available assistance and incentive programs - SB169
Fish taken by hook and line: revision to transportation of; photograph provision - SB411
Local government fund transfers; "police and fire protection fund" changed to "911 fund"; support and improvement of emergency services and municipal sales and use tax provisions [Sec. 37, 39, 55, 102, 113, 115, 116, 121, 122, 131, 132, 156-162, 165-168, 171, 172, 198-209, 211, 242, 243, 250-254g, 304, 319, 324, 348, 353-356, 359, 360, 420, 425-428, 439-447, 453, 470, 9101 (4), 9119 (6), 9401 (2), 9406 (1), 9419 (2), 9427 (2), 9431 (2), 9436 (1), 9437 (4)] [39, 156, 163, 167, 168 -- partial veto] - Act 19
Next Generation 911: grants for certain costs to incumbent local exchange carriers operating as originating service providers; report required and sunset provision - AB356
Personal property tax exemption on a telephone company’s tangible personal property - SB323
tid _tax incremental district_TID (Tax incremental district), see Property tax
timberTimber, see Forestry
Laws under DOR’s purview: enforcement and administration changes; electronic vaping device directory created, report required; Division of Alcohol Beverages created in DOR; administrative rule repealed [Admin.Code Tax 8.87] - Act 73
tourism department ofTourism, Department of
Experience Greater Green Bay Corporation (a.k.a. Discover Green Bay): Tour.Dept grant [Sec. 9143 (2)] - Act 19
Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau (a.k.a. Visit Milwaukee): Tour.Dept grant [Sec. 9143 (3)] [partial veto] - Act 19
Marketing clearinghouse in Tour.Dept repealed [Sec. 84, 235] - Act 19
Office of Outdoor Recreation project positions: sunset changed [Sec. 9143 (1)] - Act 19
Tour.Dept annual activities report requirement modified; repeal of certain distribution of donated cheese, use of famous Wisconsin residents in tourism marketing, and audited financial statement from WPGA Junior Foundation - Act 7
Tourism marketing appropriation created [Sec. 83] - Act 19
Town withdrawal from coverage of county zoning ordinance: procedure established and effect of a jurisdiction change on zoning provisions - SB826
town _ financeTown — Finance
Connecting highways: reimbursement to cities, towns, and villages for maintenance [Sec. 384] - Act 19
Law enforcement investigative services: DOC to reimburse any county, city, village, or town providing assistance [Sec. 36, 99, 101, 314, 316-318] - Act 19
town _ highwayTown — Highway, see Road, and its subheadings
trades and occupationsTrades and occupations, see also Medical service — Occupations; specific occupation
Conviction record of credential applicant: DSPS investigation of revised [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Decennial review of occupational licensure requirements; Occupational License Review Council created in DSPS; report required; LRB duties [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Design professional services: prohibiting enforcement of indemnification provision in a contract with the state or a political subdivision - AB514
Occupational and business licenses: DOA to report on proposed legislation requiring [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
Occupational credential metrics: DSPS required to publish and update on its website [vetoed] - AB201
Occupational credentials: DSPS biennial report required to include certain metrics [vetoed] - AB200
Reciprocal credentials process created, limitation provisions [vetoed] - Se3 SB1
traffic officerTraffic officer
DOT to maintain a dignitary protection unit in state traffic patrol and include justices of the Supreme Court among state officers to safeguard [Sec. 387] [vetoed] - Act 19
traffic signalTraffic signal, see Road — Marking
trainsTrains, see Railroad
Anatomical gift, organ transplant, and related services: discrimination based on vaccination status prohibited - SB933
Anatomical gifts may be received by search and rescue organizations and recovery teams that use human remains detection canines - SB318
transportation and delivery networksTransportation and delivery networks
Transportation services for blind workers: income tax credit created; ABLE account provision - SB398
transportation department of _ administrationTransportation, Department of — Administration
Assessment of local bridges and culverts: DOT funding to counties [Sec. 91, 376] - Act 19
DOT to maintain a dignitary protection unit in state traffic patrol and include justices of the Supreme Court among state officers to safeguard [Sec. 387] [vetoed] - Act 19
Driver education grants [Sec. 98] - Act 19
Fuel pipeline extension from Mitchell International Airport to the Port of Milwaukee: harbor assistance grant [Sec. 92, 9144 (2)] - Act 19
ID card issued by DOT to establish residency for DNR approvals allowed; DOT to allow DNR access to certain records - SB310
Position authority for the Mississippi River Parkway Commission increased by one FTE; DOT authority [Sec. 9144 (11)] [vetoed] - Act 19
transportation department of _ rail serviceTransportation, Department of — Rail service
Freight rail preservation program report required [Sec. 9144 (1)] [vetoed] - Act 19
transportation department of _ roadsTransportation, Department of — Roads
Agricultural road improvement grant program established; report required; sunset provision - Act 13
Agricultural roads funding in the local roads improvement program [Sec. 96] - Act 19
“Corporal Benjamin H. Neal Memorial Highway”: portion of STH 11 from Village of Orfordville to Village of Footville designated as - SB223
County highway O construction project in Richland County: grant from local roads improvement program [Sec. 95, 9144 (4)] - Act 19
Delayed relocation of utilities in a highway right-of-way: process for a highway improvement contractor to seek damages, report required; administrative rules modified [Admin.Code Trans 220.06] - Act 46
“Deputy Kaitie Leising Memorial Highway”: portion of STH 128 designated and marked as; DOT duties - SB452
“Eisenhower Bridge of Valor”: bridge on USH 63 across the Mississippi River in Pierce County designated and marked as - SB399
General transportation aids payments [Sec. 377m] [partial veto] - Act 19
Highway work zone safety included in driver education instruction requirements; DOT provision - SB591
“Ho-Chunk World War II Code Talkers Memorial Highway”: DOT to designate and mark portion of I 90 in La Crosse and Monroe counties as - SB633
Local bridge program project funded by county bridge aid: DOT to supervise town highway projects - SB753
Local roads improvement program discretionary grants allocation [Sec. 380m, 383] - Act 19
Main Street bridge in the City of Watertown: funding from highway and local bridge improvement assistance program [Sec. 94, 9144 (6)] - Act 19
Major interstate bridge projects: bonding limit increased [Sec. 181] - Act 19
Noise barriers along I 894 in Milwaukee County: state highway rehabilitation funding [Sec. 97, 9144 (8)] - Act 19
“Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial Highway”: designating and marking STH 80 as - Act 69
Overweight vehicles transporting certain fluid milk products: DOT permits - SB431
Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge funding [Sec. 94, 9144 (7)] - Act 19
Southern Bridge construction project: funding from accelerated local bridge improvement assistance [Sec. 90, 9144 (5)] - Act 19
Transportation administrative facilities funding [Sec. 9144 (9)] - Act 19
Transportation of metallic or nonmetallic scrap: pig iron included in definition and overweight or oversize permit revision - SB363
transportation department of _ vehiclesTransportation, Department of — Vehicles
Citizenship of individuals on official voter registration list: data shared between DOT and Elections Commission used to verify; DOT required to use the words “Not valid for voting purposes” on driver’s license or ID card of persons who are not U.S. citizens [vetoed] - SB98
Driver education grant program: DOT to establish; income eligibility provision - Act 86
Electric vehicle identification sticker requirement [Sec. 456-458, 460] [460 -- vetoed] - Act 19
Electric vehicle infrastructure program: DOT may establish and administer - SB792
Emergency contact information maintained by DOT re application for operator’s license - Act 57
Farm service license endorsement: seasonal period for “F” endorsement increased; administrative rules modified [Admin.Code Trans 120.02] - Act 28
Hybrid and nonhybrid electric motor vehicles: DOT to issue decals or distinctive registration plates - SB617
Mass transit operating assistance, DOT and DOA duties [Sec. 85-89, 368-375, 9144 (10)] - Act 19