2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
August 22, 2023 - Offered by Representative Steffen.
AB275-AA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB275-AA2,1,4 21. Page 3, line 25: after “claim." insert “The owner may not request a contested
3case hearing under par. (d) 2. unless the owner provides additional information
4under this paragraph.".
AB275-AA2,1,5 52. Page 4, line 4: delete “delay and" and substitute “delay. The department".
AB275-AA2,1,8 63. Page 4, line 5: after “damages" insert “for work required by the contract that
7is not completed within the contract time or within extra time allowed by the
8department as a result of the utility relocation delay".
AB275-AA2,1,13 94. Page 4, line 13: delete “control." and substitute “control, as determined by
10the department upon consideration of any information provided by the owner to the
11department under sub. (3) or this subsection, including a delay caused by another
12owner identified in the work plan or reliance on a 3rd party to identify and verify the
13location of a utility facility requiring relocation.".
15. Page 4, line 16: delete “60" and substitute “90".
AB275-AA2,2,6 26. Page 4, line 17: delete the material beginning with “An owner" and ending
3with “227.42" on line 18 and substitute “Within 90 days after receiving an
4assessment notice under subd. 1., an owner may request a contested case hearing
5under s. 227.42 to review the decision of the department under subd. 1., and a
6hearing shall be scheduled”.
AB275-AA2,2,7 77. Page 4, line 20: delete “appeal." and substitute “contested case hearing.".
AB275-AA2,2,9 88. Page 5, line 14: delete “under s. 227.42," and substitute “ as provided under
9s. 84.063 (4m) (d) 2.,
AB275-AA2,2,11 109. Page 5, line 18: delete “department" and substitute “ department or any
11other party
AB275-AA2,2,13 1210. Page 5, line 23: delete “the last day of the first month following" and
13substitute “60 days after".