2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
November 9, 2023 - Offered by Representative Kitchens.
AB576-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB576-AA1,1,3 21. Page 2, line 3: delete the material beginning with that line and ending on
3page 3, line 2, and substitute:
AB576-AA1,1,10 4“(a) “Agency” means a law enforcement agency, a tribal law enforcement
5agency, a fire protection or emergency medical services agency, or any other agency
6or entity, including a nonprofit organization, that employs, represents, or serves law
7enforcement officers, tribal law enforcement officers, correctional officers, jail
8officers, juvenile detention officers, fire fighters, dispatchers, emergency medical
9responders, emergency medical services practitioners, public safety personnel, or
10ambulance service provider personnel.”.
AB576-AA1,1,12 112. Page 6, line 6: delete the material beginning with that line and ending with
12line 24 and substitute:
1(2) Creation; operation. (a) The department of justice shall establish and
2implement a program for the establishment of peer support teams and critical
3incident stress management services teams. The department of justice shall
4organize a program of training for membership on a peer support team to provide
5peer support services.
AB576-AA1,2,146 (b) In order to qualify as a peer support team member or a critical incident
7stress management services team member, an individual shall attend a peer support
8training program provided through the department of justice as described under par.
9(a) or, at a minimum, a training program by a credentialed health care provider who,
10through education, training, or experience, is qualified to provide peer support
11training or critical incident stress management services training. An individual may
12not provide peer support services or critical incident stress management services
13unless that individual successfully completes a peer support or critical incident
14stress management services training program.”.
AB576-AA1,2,15 153. Page 7, line 17: delete lines 17 to 21.